February 27, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 8

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 8….

Lia Marriage with a Demon

Mason finalized the dance by planting a kiss on my lips .. The Audience applauded
Freya watched us then shaked her head slowly.. I know she is Jealous and wont be able to stop me and Mason
The Winners of the Dance Competition was announced.. Mason and I took the second position
Our Final year exams is drawing closer by the day and I think it is the best to talk about our Future

“Mason after graduating From XL.. Which College would you attend??” I asked

“Tell me Lia.. What did I want to attend College for??.. I am the heir to my father business Empire and I understand every of his techniques”…

“So are you trying to say that you are attending any College” I asked with my eyes widened

“Yes and you are not attending College eiether”..


“You will be my wife and My wife dont need to work..
After Highschool we are getting married” He took my hand and kissed it

“Love Birds” Bella and Sasha swayed their hips in with a smile

“We came here to Congratulate Lia on the Success of snatching Mason away from Freya” Sasha said with a smirk

“Dont create any conversation here and I will like you to tell the rest of the MINE to meet me at Blueland hotel tonight” Mason replied

“You will regret ever being with Mason” Bella winked and follow Sasha out of the Spareclass

*General pov*

Months later..
The Final year students of XL Highschool celebrated their graduation Ceremony and they all came out with Flying colours
Mason planned on how to get married to Lia and told his mother to take some Necessary steps
At the Cruiz Home
Mr and Mrs Cruiz are sitted in the living room then their Servant rushed in

” The CEO of Smith Organization Worldwide is here to see you.. Should we let her in”He said

” What are you waiting for?, Why would you keep her waiting
Bring her in” Mr Cruiz replied

“What on Earth is she here for” Mrs Cruiz said and just as the same minute, Mrs Smith walked in Majestically

” Good morning.. Mr and Mrs Cruiz” She said with a smile

“Good morning Mrs Smith.. You may have your sit” Mrs Cruiz replied

” I know you both are wondering about my sudden appearance in your abode
As you all know, No mother can watch her son in pains *Neither can I
Mason is my only son and he has been troubled ever since he graduated from XL.. He is always chanting* Lia’s name and her photograph are all around his room.
I am here to beg you to pity my poor son and give your daughter to him in Marriage” Mrs Smith explained with pleading eyes..

“That’s a Very Big decision and not a step I can take alone.. I would have to ask Lia about it and If she accepts, I would put a call through” Mr Cruiz said

“And we will start the wedding preparations right???” Mrs Smith asked

“Once she accepts we would start it” Mr Cruiz replied with a smile

“Mrs Smith would you like to eat something” Mrs Cruiz asked

“Nevermind I would like to take my leave now” Mrs Smith replied and Lia walked down the stairs

“Ohhh.. Mrs Smith” She said
Mrs Smith walked straight to her with tears folded in her eyes
“Please Lia.. My son have not been himself lately and it is all because of you.. Please dont reject this Marriage proposal.. Please” Mrs Smith place her palms together.. She was about to go on her knees when Lia held her shoulder

“Please mother.. You dont need to do all this. I love Mason❣ and the fact that he is not himself lately is also getting me concerned” Lia replied and Mason’s mother hugged her

“Thanks a lot Lia”..

Mrs Cruiz stared at her and sighed
” I am scared those Diamonds💎💎are not going into a good hands” Mrs Cruiz said slowly

*🍇The Wedding Party*🍇
The Hall was filled with thousands of Guests and the couples was bonded in Holy Matrimony

“I hereby pronounce you Husband and Wife” The Religious leader said and everyone applauded

“You may kiss your Bride”.. Mason opened the Veil slowly and Kissed Lia..
Lia Blushed repeatedly
Immediately they disengaged from the kiss… A lady walked up the podium and all eyes fell on her
She looked exactly like the Bride and was wearing the same Wedding gown as the Bride.. They look so Identical and couldn’t be differentiated

The lady smiled mischievously saying
“No need to panic.. I am Freya Albert”..


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