March 3, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 7

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 7…

Freya pitied Lia

*General pov*

Mason disengaged from Freya and shouted
“Freya it is over… Its not a force to be with you”..

“I am so sorry Lia.. Would you be my girlfriend I want to spend the rest of my life with you”He faced Lia with a promise ring💍
Freya gave them a very long stare then walked out of the party

“Say yes”Everyone echoed

“Yes Mason Yes”Lia said with a smile
Mason hugged and pecked her lightly on the lips

“I said it Lia.. You like him”Kate screamed from the crowd and everyone cheered
Mason mother gave a long stare and shaked her head slowly in sadness.. No one know her thoughts

At the Cruiz Home

“My dear..Lia is out with a guy for the first time” Lia mom panicked pacing around the room

“She will be fine..You know she would have to get married someday”Lia father replied

“But is Mason Smith worthy of the Diamonds💎 we have been keeping safe for years”…

“Mason is the heir to the Smiths Business Empire
He has wealth and all he may wish for so he wouldn’t take advantage of the Diamonds💎” Lia father explained

“The Diamonds worth more than everything, It can buy an Entire nation so I dont trust Mason Smith or whatever” ..

“Relax woman.. Lia never mentioned the fact that they are into any kind of relationship.. She only said they are friends so Relax” Lia father replied

Late at Night after the Birthday Party🎂

Mason dropped Lia at her home with kisses over her face ..
He drove back home and surprised to see Freya waiting for him in the living room
He smiled slyly

“Freya dear..What are doing here by this time of the night”..

“Come on Mason.. I come to celebrate the success you made today, Our plan took a step further” She replied

“Oh yh”..

The table wad filled with wine and they both talk over it

“I am still bothered about why the Cruiz family have so much Diamonds in their possession and still live like a normal human being 💎💎💎”…

“I wonder too.. I guess they are supposed to live big and be the richest on Earth but they render those Diamonds useless”.. Mason replied

“But Mason.. did you think that Diamonds are still in their possession..

“I am 100% sure Freya…
Freya smiled

“Freya tomorrow us the Dance competition.. Lia is my Dance partner
I don’t want you to cause any blunder”Mason warned and Freya nodded

*The Dance Competition*
Lia and Mason danced to the slow music..Lia dancing skills was killing that everyone admired her
Her long hair was decorated beautifully with Happiness all over her.
Mason hardly smiles but was looking astonishing too
Freya watched them on the podium.. Looking expressionless

Look at me!! I fell Madly in love with a Demon.
A Demon I knew since I was a child.
A Demon only me could understand and A Demon with no feelings.
I pity Lia.. She is loving this Same Demon and trusting him blindly.
She is loving this Demon that will ruin her future and take advantage of her Innocency.
Mason transformed me into A Demon.. I knew him since I was young and I know what he is capable of doing.
I watched them dancing..Lia fell on his Arms and I sighed
I wish someone could just tell her about the danger lurking around her life
Her life is about to become a dream that doesn’t ends…


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