February 27, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 6

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❤️Love on Fire🔥

Episode 6…

Should Lia be Mason’s girlfriend

At Mason Bedroom
“So Freya.. You know the plan” Mason asked

“I will tell Lillian to speak up the truth” Freya replied and Mason smiled

“I ordered for Brandy.. We can chill out the moment..

“Sure Mason” Freya replied

I got dressed this morning in my usual way just like I am heading to XL

“You are off to school sweetheart” Mom said with a beaming smile

“Ye..yes mom”I stammered

“Best of luck”..

I hailed a taxi and I dont even know where to go so I called Mason

📞Mason Where on Earth should I go??

📞Not even a Good Morning

📞Good morning Mason.. You asked me to leave home this morning but I really dont know where to go??

📞I will send you My home address. My mom is at home.. Just tell her you are Amelia then she would understand

📞Okay Mason

Mason sent the address as soon as *possible and I directed the driver
Mason home was more like a Mansion
I clicked* on the door bell and a woman in her thirties opened the door

” Good morning Mrs Smith”..

“Morning my dear.. You are Amelia right?” She asked

“Yes mother”..

“Feel at home”She said with a smile

*XL Highschool*
“Freya it is Break period already.. Instruct Lillian to tell the truth, Amelia must be back at XL by tomorrow” I said with a Smirk

“Let me have a word with Lily” She walked out of my locker room and I smiled to myself
All I want is Diamonds, Wealth and Power.. No one else should be entitled to it not even Lia

*At* *the* *Administrator Office* 💎

“Freya asked me to keep my phone in Lia bag.. My guilty conscience has been bugging me..I can’t bear it anymore” Lillian kept shedding fake tears

“You mean my daughter” The chief admin replied

“Yes.. It’s Freya”..

“Amelia Suspension has to be called off immediately and Freya needs to be punished” One of the Admins said

“My daughter can’t be punished but Amelia Suspension would be called off” The Chief Admin replied

” And Lillian would resume the suspension” The other Admin added

Mason mother told me to wait for Mason in his room
I just receive a Mail Message on my phone from the School.. My suspension has been called off
The door creaked open and Mason walked in all his glory
I gave him a bone crushing hug

“My suspension has been called off” I screamed

“Yea I know.. That’s the result of my Hardwork” He replied

“Thanks a lot Mason❣” I said deepening the hug

“You are my responsibility Lia.. I would not let any harm come to you” He whispered back and I smiled
I now feel something for Mason.. I feel love❣❣ Kate was right.
We both sat on his bed and I rested on his shoulder

“Lia dont forget tomorrow is my birthday” He grinned

” Ohhh.. I forgot totally
I really have to go home to prepare for the party”I sprang up

“Lia I got you a gown and pairs of Silver shoes” He said walking towards his cupboard
I was amazed at the sight of the cloth .. The Gown sparkles and The shoes are shunning

“The party starts by 3pm tomorrow” He informed me and I smiled

*The* *Birthday Party* 🎂
The Smith’s house was filled with crowd and they were all dancing
Lia was sitting on a chair looking so worried after dancing for a long period of time without Mason
Mason was just no where to be found and the time to cut the cake is coming close
Freya was present at the party.. She was clad in Jeans, Sneakers and a Black Face cap
She gulped a cup of beer and kept observing every scenes around
At the Back of the Huge Mansion.. Mason was seen instructing the Waiters

“The lady is on a pink gown and Silver hills.. She will be with me throughout the party”..

“Okay sir” They echoed

Mason Smith walked into the hall and went towards Lia

“I am so..

“Shut up Mason.. Where have you been??
you got me so worried” Lia cut him off

“I went to sort out some party stuff so can we dance now??” He stretched forth his hand and Lia accepted it
They danced along to the rhythm of the music

“Here is a Cup ofJuice” A waiter said
Lia stopped dancing to gulp in some
Lia was about to consume it when Mason held her hands

“It is poisoned” He said frankly

“What??” She exclaimed and the juice fell from her hands which attracted people attention.. The juice colour changed and everyone gasped

” Time to cut the Cake” His mother voice was heard and Freya gave a mischievous smile
Everyone got a piece of Cake and smiled happily

“I am using this happy moment of my life to ask you to be my girlfriend
I love you Lia Cruiz ❤”Mason said out aloud
Freya broke bottles of wine out of anger

“I can’t take all this.. It is impossible”She screamed
Mason walked towards her.. He pulled her closer to himself violently and whispered into her ears
“Behave..Freya Behave
Dont ruin everything..try to control your temper
Dont ruin this game and keep cool”…


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