February 26, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 5

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Love on Fire


Episode 5…

Freya and Mason unites

General pov
“Freya it is over.. Enough of your madness” Mason added

“Mason.. I am plague that you can’t get rid of..its either we plan a Marriage or a Funeral” Freya shouted back

“I will rather stay with Lia not you”..

“You know what Mason.. You are not just putting her life in danger but her family life
I will ruin her and ruin her completely” Freya replied

Lia packed up her stuffs

” Let me help you talk to the Administration” Mason said and they both walked to the office

“Pardon me sir but to be frank with you.. You can’t just expell Lia with no proof
I beg of you please.. Suspend her while i take on my investigation
Within two weeks I will expose the culprit” Mason explained

“You will be given the grace of two weeks.. If you can’t come up with a great result then she will be expelled but for now, She is suspended” The Chief Administrator explained

” Amelia Cruiz.. This is your suspension letter” One of the Admin said

Tears dropped from Lia eyes as she received the paper
Mason took her out of the office

“Lia you need to put yourself together, Don’t tell your parents that you are on Suspension
Dress up in the morning and leave the house.. let them feel that you are going for lectures
Trust me Lia.. Freya would be exposed before two weeks..I promise” Mason said

Lia nodded accepting fate.. she hailed a Taxi and drove home

XL Highschool soon blew the Alarm for Closing hour Students rushed out .. Some went to the parking lot, Some were trekking and some hail Taxi
Mason entered his car and drove straight home…Freya followed him

I lay on the bed and wept in pains.. I must not be expelled
My mom would disown me
I don’t want to be a disappointment to my family
God pls help Mason with the Investigation
Let me get back to XL

At Mason Bedroom
Freya sat majestically on the Bed and Mason was opposite her

“Mason why are you pretending to be good and I look like the bad person here ” Freya said with an evil smile.. Mason smiled in return

“You know Lia must get back to school before two weeks” He replied

“I wouldn’t want to get you mad.. I will do as told
I will tell Lillian to tell the truth.. After all I can’t be expelled by my Dad” She said playing with her hair

“You know about the Diamonds in Lia’s Name”..

“Yes I know”..

“We will play a Big Game this time Freya.. We will get those Diamonds and Lia wouldn’t know what hit her so hard
I will make her trust me completely” Mason smiled..

Freya hugged Mason but he remained expressionless

“Freya I don’t care about Love or people hearts💛.. I care about Money, Wealth and Power nothing more”..

” Mason I know you can’t love anyone.. All you want is money and wealth and power but please Value the 19 years childhood friendship between us😊” Freya replied

“You are a pawn Freya.. You are my puppet and will always dance to my tune” Mason said within him…


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