February 26, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 30

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❤️Love on Fire🔥

Episode 30…
“This plan turned out to be a Success”I said with a sigh

“Their reputation is on the verge of Collapsing and Mason is in a great debt.. I believe he is totally helpless” Andrew replied

“What should be our Next step??” Leo asked

“His torture and Death” Andrew said firmly.. His words pierce into my heart
Mason was my Husband

“Yes his torture and death should be the Next”Leo supported him

“Mason is Damn Smart… What if in just 24 hours he rebuild his reputation and pay back Mr Kingsman money”I said thinking ahead

“If he manage to squeeze out of this mess then there is no point trying to snatch it all from him again.. We should just plan his torture and death”Andrew replied and Leo nodded

“It is best if he watch his back because his days are numbered”I said with a smile
My next plan is to unlock Mrs Smith Crest and I will talk to Leo about it..

“Nurse Jane Your attention is needed in Mrs Smith room,She is having a terrible cough”I heard the messenger voice


I was in the office of one of my long time debtor.. I need to raise some funds so as to pay back Mr Kingsman
“I guess we have an August Visitor here” Mr Wilson said looking up from his Laptop

“You should know why I am here.. I lend you some money last three years” I said frankly

“Three years ago when my business was on the verge of collapsing.. You grant me a very huge amount and you didnt ask me for it since then. For you to be here now then you really need the money to pay off your debt”He said and I stared at him

“For you to spend a huge wealth on a bar dancer then you have a very good reason and maybe she is actually blackmailing you
You were my helper and my Confidant Mr Smith.. I will pay back the money in triples so you can use it to raise up your business Empire again
I promise to be always available when you need me” He said with a smile

” Thanks a Lot Wilson” I replied with a smile

“I should be thanking you, You made me what I am.. Just send me your account details” He said and I made to leave

The Cruiz diamonds are still in my possession and I can just sell it off to pay off my debt but I dont sell off things so easily

Mr Wilson transferred the money almost immediately and I send Mr Kingsman his share
I used the remains of the money to block the loopholes in my business

General pov
Mrs Smith was in the dining taking in some snacks then Leo walked up to her

“Mrs Smith ever since Aunt Vindiya death.. I have this strange feelings that there is an Evil spirit in this house.. My thoughts proved to be true when I met a Magician from Indian on my way back to the Mansion yesterday
He said to get rid of the Spirit we have to do some Spell chanting together and he will conduct it”Leo explained sincerely

” I dont believe in such things” Mrs Smith replied frankly

“And Moreover you are a Guard here and my family is not a business” She added with a Smirk

“I wont force you to this Mrs Smith but More deaths is to come owing totally to some secrets in this Mansion even your beloved son can die” Leo said

“Invite the Magician tomorrow” Mrs Smith said frankly knowing so well that if those secrets are revealed, It can lead to her son death..

“Your Medications” Nurse Jane said smiling sweetly as she walked towards the dinning table

I watched Mrs Smith take in her medications..
Freya brought a bowl of water and watched Mrs Smith feet giving her a pedicure service
” You are a perfect daughter in law” Mrs Smith smiled sweetly

“°You are no different from my mother”Freya replied

This bitch thinks it is so easy to take my place and I guess Mason gave her that chance
Thank God Mrs Smith accepts the Magician another big plan is about to unleash itself and I pray it works

“My Birthday is just in Two weeks🔥..
The Smiths got over the debts.. We are back again” We all heard Mason voice as he walked into the Mansion

My eyes widened.. He got over the debts

“That calls for Celebration” Freya screamed

“You should all make preparation for my birthday and the Smith Success💎” He said looking happily

“All will be taken care of” Mrs Smith replied

“We will be hosting a party” Freya added

I smiled within
Mason Smith Birthday would be his DEATH DAY and I am not alone in this..


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