February 27, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 3

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 3..
I opened my eyes lightly.. I was on the hospital bed with drip being passed into my veins
The memories of what happened rush into me
“The Noodles is Delicious” I said and he suddenly stood up to cover me
At the same Minute,A Bullet hitted him
That means the Bullet was meant for me not him
The Question is who was trying to kill me and why??

“Where is Mason” I whispered out

“She is now Conscious” I heard a Nurse voice
The Doctor came in soon to Examine me

“Please Doctor..Is Mason Smith here at this Hospital?? ” I asked


“Please Doctor, I need to see him”..

“You can’t see Mason now, His condition is Kind of Critical”..

“Please Doctor.. Ensure that he is fine
Nothing Bad should happen to him” I held the doctor hand as he was about to leave

” Mason is being Operated on.. He will be fine
The Bullet pierced into his Right shoulder” The doctor explained

“Okay Doctor” I said then he gave me an Injection..I drifted into sleep immediately
My shoulder was Bandaged and I was still in pains
Lia entered looking so pale

“Lia How’re you doing” I asked softly

“I should be asking you that Mason” She replied

“Why on Earth would someone try to kill me
I would have been dead if not for the fact that you save my life” She added

Yes i saw Freya pulled the trigger that is why I protected Lia but I seriously can’t tell Lia the truth coz she wouldn’t feel safe around me anymore

“No one would ever hurt you while I am alive
I will keep you from Danger even if I have to loose my life”..

“No Mason .. I can’t live without you in my life”…

“So you really know you can’t live without me” He smirked

“I dont mean it that way.. I…

“Mason My son.. How are you doing??.
What happened to you??”..A woman entered looking so worried interrupting our Conversation

“I am fine Mom..All Thanks to Lia” He said
His mother snapped up at me

” Thanks a lot Lia for taking good care of my Son” She said

“You are welcome Mrs Smith.. I have to go”I walked out of the Hospital room and arranged to leave
Tomorrow is Mason’s Birthday and I wonder how to go about it

At the Smiths Home
Mason has been discharged from the Hospital and is having a Convo with his friends

“But Eric you said you will take good care of Freya and she won’t get to us
She almost killed Lia yesterday” Mason said

“I really don’t know how Freya got there… It was Neil Girlfriend (Bella) and Ian Girlfriend (Sasha) who must have told her” Eric replied

“But How did Bella and Sasha get to know about it”He asked angrily

“I was talking to Neil, They Overheard us” Ian replied

“Gosh” Mason screamed and went upstairs
He called Lia and Freya to meet him at the Same spot… They had to sort things out

*General pov*
Mason, Lia and Freya sat down in the middle of the Garden.. It was cool and silent
” I called this Short Convo to make things clear…I dont want any hatred nor Evil intention between both of you” Mason said and Freya sent deadly glares to Lia

“Freya is my Girlfriend” Mason said frankly
“Freya is my Girlfriend” Mason said frankly and My head snapped up
My heart beats as fast as it can…Why does his words hurt me

” Lia is my best friend and mean a lot to me” He added

“Why dont you both get it. Especially you Freya
There is no need to be Jealous here” Mason turned to Freya

“Mason..I guess it is time you choose between me or Lia” Freya replied tightening her fists

“If I am to choose then I would choose Lia..She is way more better than you”…

Freya rushed to me tightening my neck with her hands… I couldn’t breathe

“You will not escape your grave today” She seethed

Mason dragged Freya hair pulling her to the Back.. He landed Numerous slaps on her face

“Try to be Matured” He shouted

“You raise your hands on me Mason Smith then you will pay for it terribly” .
Freya held her cheeks then faced me

” Lia you messed with the wrong person and you will lay for it with your dear family”She pointed her finger at me
She was about to leave then Mason held her wrist

“Dont try to do anything funny” He seethed
Freya brought out a Knife Immediately and stab it on the Same spot where Mason was Bandaged
I watched blood gushed out freely….


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