March 3, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 29

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 29….
He dragged me back into the warehouse and pinned me to the wall

“Lia why dont you hear me out??.. Did you think I would kill you”He said

“What did you wanna say Mason when I have heard enough of your lies”I seethed

“Listen to me for once.. I did everything for you,I did it all to save you from Freya
I didnt let you off the Cliff and…

“Enough Mason.. Enough of this drama
I was 8 month pregnant.. I was carrying our baby
I lose everything .. You took it all from me”Tears dropped slowly

“Trust me Lia.. Trust your husband for once..
My thoughts for you are for good and..

Mason fell to the floor as someone hit him on the head

“Leo”My eyes widened on seeing him

“Why would you come to see this Demon alone??..
How did he know you are Alive??
Why did you risk your life like this??” He said in anger

“Leo I..

“Just Shut up and Lets go”.. He fired and grabbed my arms

“Lia..Li.a for..for once”Mason groaned in pains

I froze on the spot and turned back at him
“Did you want to save him”Leo asked and I shaked my head Negatively then he dragged me out

“The worst step you will take in life is when you forget about your revenge”Leo said and Mason words echoed in me

“Listen to me for once.. I did everything for you,I did it all to save you from Freya
I didnt let you off the Cliff”It echoed repeatedly and I felt my heart squeezed in pains

“Think about the death of your Baby and your changed Identity”Leo said as we entered the Car

“I can’t let go of my revenge so easily Leo..The wicked have to suffer, That is Karma”.. I replied

I groaned as I stood up slowly.. The pain was unbearable
I saw my wife..Lia Smith
Someone saved her from me,I couldn’t see his face.. I only saw the Back view
The way he dragged Lia out was so annoying.. His Voice seem very familiar
I need to know who is this person.. This person that is supporting her
I walked out of the warehouse and sighted a Car drove off.. The Car looked really familiar
I saw Lia Necklace at the Entrance and I picked it up

“Welcome back to my life Lia Cruiz” I whispered then walk towards my Car

~Mrs Smith~
Nurse Jane sat in my room after giving me my medications
Mason entered looking Pained
“What’s wrong Son??”I asked

“Just saw a ghost from the past but it’s nothing to worry about”..He replied ruffling his hair

“Who is the Ghost from the Past??..

“Nevermind Mom.. Will talk about it later”..

“Well I have a more better news.. Take a look at what’s inside that brown envelope” I said with a smile
Mason picked the Envelope and Brought out the papers.. He scan through it and smiled

“Its really an Inviting Contract but it needs a lot of investment” He said after a long time

“The interesting part is that within weeks we will start gaining”.. I said

“Yes Mom.. But what we will be investing is kind of much”..

“I know Mason. That is why I called Mr Kingsman, He will grant us a Huge Loan”..

“That is a Perfect Idea”…

“So when should we start working on it??” I asked

“How did you get this documents”..

“Freya went to your office and saw it on your table” ..I explained sincerely

“We will start working on it as soon as Mr Kingsman grant us the Loan” He concluded
I saw Nurse Jane smile but I really dont know why

General pov
The Smiths borrowed a Huge sum of money from Kingsman with an agreement that they will pay within three weeks … They invested in the Contract as agreed
Weeks passed and they were expecting positive result but nothing was showing up. The Owner of the Contract stays at Japan and His Contact turned out to be a Dormant number. Little did they know that they have fallen into the huge trap planned by Lia,The lady was so desperate to have her revenge
Mr Kingsman insisted on collecting his money because the time they agreed on has long passed.. Mr Kingsman reported The Smiths to the Successful people in Business world as they couldn’t pay back as promised.
The Media heard about this along with the Rumour that Mason Smith spent his money on Bar dancers

On a Cool Evening..Mason Smith,Freya and Mrs Smith were listening to the News..The Smiths have been in a state of flux this days


The information was backed with videos of a Lady who was dancing around Mason in a Bar
She was half naked and was Masked.. The Great Business god was going romantic with her

“You are Married and you still choose to tarnish your reputation this way” Mrs Smith said

“These days you dont act like my son but as a BASTARD” Mrs Smith screamed and walked upstairs

Mason buried his head in his palm as he couldn’t find a way out of this mess..


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