March 3, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 28

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Love on Fire


Episode 28…
We lost to him again..

“Everything went back to him but how??”.. Andrew said

“Mason is a very cunning person, He said he will get it all within 24 hours and he met up with his words” Leo replied

“This time we have to plan something Big” I said trying to bring up an Idea

“Defeating A Game Expert is not always easy” Leo said and Andrew feign in anger

“That Guy needs to pay for his sins and his Death would be from me” I seethed then took a look at the time.. It is almost 8pm, I have to get to the Warehouse.. I need to face that Demon

“Leo, Andrew.. You both should make up something, I will Comply by it
I came back from the Hospital not quite long and I really need rest” I said pretending to be tired

“You should take a Nap”..

Mom hugged me and Freya filled glasses with wine

“Having a Son like you is an Achievement.. I never knew you are this Smart”Mom said with thumbs up

“Mom what do you expect from Mason Smith.. A Business god” Freya replied and I smiled

“Mr A thinks he is Smart and I agree he is.. He crossed all Limits, Little did he know that tampering with Mason Smith means digging your own Grave
He want to take everything from me,He wants to ruin me completely and If I get a hold of him.. He wont live to see the next day” I said with my blood boiling in Anger

“Mason Roy Smith” Mom called me in full for the first time in Ages

“Mr A played games with his Master so he need to be taught a Lesson but for now we should celebrate our Success”She added

“Thats right” Freya said walking towards us with tray of wine

“Its almost 8pm mom.. I have an Important meeting to attend” I lied

“Meeting at Night??” Freya eyes widened

“Nope.. I mean an Appointment”..

“But at least have a sip” She insisted..
I picked up a Cup and gulp down some
I grabbed Freya hair and Planted a wet kiss on her lips

“You deserve a Kiss💋” I whispered before walking out of the Mansion
Freya really deserve a Kiss. If not for her, i won’t know the Bar dancer that is driving me crazy is Lia
Yes.. Freya deserve a Kiss..
I entered my Car and drove to the Warehouse
I know Mason wont come here without plans and I am all ready for his tactics
Leo will be worried if he is aware that I am out alone this night
I heard the sound of Music playing in slowly and soon Mason walked in all his glory staring intensely at me

I stared at her.. She wore Leather trousers and black face cap
Anger was written over her
“Lets have a Dance”I said strictly

“Never”She seethed

“When would stop getting scared of me?..
Just with my hands fluttering around your body,You will grow weak and Helpless”I smirked

“If I choose to dance with you then you will be the weak one”She folded her arms

“Is that a Challenge??”I asked and she walked towards me starting a dance

We danced all along,Mason stared at me wickedly and I pretend to close my eyes..
I opened up my eyes and his eyes was closed.. Anger burn in me like never before.. My Enemy is within my reach
We were still dancing and I stylishly led him to where I set the rope, I mean the Trap..
I loosen the rope on the other side and Mason flung up.. He was hanging in the Air as the rope gripped his legs lifting him up

“Holy Shit.. Untie me”He screamed.. His face was upside down

“You said I would grow weak by your touch but you are the victim here” I smirked

“Maybe because I still love you and you remain my weakness”He said

“Untie me Lia”He added slowly
I brought out my Gun and pulled the trigger

“I would have killed you right away but I am promising you a Painful death.. Death that comes with torture”I said

“Un..tie.. me.. Lia”He groan in pain

I walked towards him and landed Slaps on his face repeatedly

“You played Enough games with my heart”I screamed at his face and turned to walk away

“I should hv left you dead but I dont want to give you an easy death”I said still walking towards the entrance

“Un..tie.. me.. Lia” I heard his Voice again
My Gaze fell at him and I shot at the rope.. He landed on the floor heavily and I can see blood drip from his head
Just as I took a step out of the Warehouse.. I felt a Sudden Grab on My Neck
“You really think you can get away with this..


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