March 3, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 27

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Love on Fire🔥


Episode 27…

The doctor gave me the Antidote to the poison and Leo was by my side all through
We were all in the Car including Andrew driving back to the Mansion
We were not wrong when we concluded that Andrew will be useful someday and now he is our Ally and Mason is his Enemy
I pray our plan turn out to be successful.. I stared at Leo as he drove and I smiled with admiration.. He is my lucky charm
We helped Andrew to get back his Job as a Cop coz he will be useful to us in our Next move

“Lia we are back to the Mansion and Andrew are you ready” Leo said as he drove into the Mansion
Andrew nodded with a Smile and we all alighted from the Car
We walked into the Mansion and saw The Great Mason Smith sitting on the floor with tears dropping slowly
I guess our plans worked out.. Mason loosed everything

“Are you Okay Boss”Leo said faking concern

“Asking such a stupid question Leo??
Prepare to Vacate this house within 24 hours”Freya said and Andrew walked in

Freya hugged him so tight

“I missed you brother”She said.. Mason Smith and his Mother eyes widened

“We are glad you are back but you came at the wrong time..
The Companies,The Wealth and This Mansion is gone” Mrs Smith said with tears

“And we are to leave within 24 hours”Freya added

“But How possible??”I asked pretending to Care

“Mr A is responsible for all of this” .. Mason said

“And Where are we going after 24 hours”I asked

“Nowhere.. We are going Nowhere
I will find out who this Mr A is and I will take back all what belongs to me”Mason said frankly and stood up to his feet
So sorry Mr Mason but at this point,You can do nothing . All is in my hands
This is my Payback time

Yes I am back and I am now a Cop
Mason death is near.. He insulted me and would have to Pay for it
Leo, Lia and I are partners
We have planned his death in the most hilarious way.. The death no one would ever pray for…
Wondering who is Mr A.. The Mr A is no one but me and the properties are all with me
This fool is talking about getting it back before 24 hours but I would give him a shock.. The Greatest Shock of his life
After Mason death,I will take over everything and betray Lia and Leo
I went up to my room and Freya was with me all through
I really have to prepare.. I am resuming work tomorrow

Really can’t wait for the doom and have to find a way to unlock the Crest.. I need the keys from Mrs Smith but how??.. Maybe I should talk to Leo about this

I bought a New Sim and I think it is time for it to get to work.. I inserted it into a phone and dialled Mason number

📞Hi Mr Mason Smith

📞Who is on the line??

📞Laila.. The Bar dancer

📞Should I call you Laila or Lia??… He asked with a Naughty laugh

📞Anything of the two Mason cause your days are numbered

📞Your death was not my fault.. If only you could understand.. I did everything for you

📞Shut that Filthy rag you call a Mouth…
You are A Betrayal,A Deceiver and all you deserve is death

📞You don’t judge a book by its cover and by the way did you think I wont know that you are Lia

📞Its none of my business Demon

📞We really need to see Darling

📞If you are bold enough meet your doom at the Uncompleted Warehouse😡.. Some Miles away from the Company headquarter

📞Are you challenging me??

📞What did you expect from your Greatest Rival??..

📞You are still my wife and I love you

📞I hate you Mason Smith😡

📞See you soon Bitch😜.. He hang up the call

It is 12 hours already and 7pm in the Night… Few hours to go
The table in my front was loaded with Alcoholic drinks as I celebrate Our Success… I mean my Success
I kept drinking then Leo walk in followed by Lia disguised as Nurse Jane

“You should join me.. Let’s have a drink, We are taking over it all soon”I said with a wink
Leo kicked off the Table angrily and sounds of broken stuff filled the room

“What are you Celebrating??.. His Success or what??”Leo shouted

“Can’t believe that Demon won again”Lia added

“What do you mean??.. I asked really confused

“He OUTSMARTED us.. The WEALTH and ALL went back to him”..


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