February 26, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 25

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 25….
General pov

“No one can come between Mason and I…NO ONE” Freya seethed angrily and Mason walked out of the room but he suddenly turned back and pulled Freya up
His hands was wrapped around her waist and he stared into her eyes deeply

“If only you get to understand the Man you are living with then you would have no issues” He whispered

I walked around the house and tears flowed freely.. I imagined how my life took a drastic turn
I should be happily married with a child but instead I lose everything.. I ended up craving for Vengenance from the Man I ever loved
Mason ruined me Completely.. I should spend my life with him but he cared less about love and relationship.. All he fancy is Fame,Power and Wealth
If he had asked me for the Diamonds,I would have committed it to him as my husband
I walked passed his room,The door was not locked and I saw the way his hands fluttered around Freya body
I turned away immediately and felt my heart being Squeezed in Pains
This should no longer affect me,I no longer love him..All I feel for him now is Hatred and Nothing more and Once Love transformed into Hatred.. It will be hard to change itself again
I have to get to the Bar.. It will be 6pm soon
I have never felt attracted to Freya but today my hands fluttered around her body.. I really dont know what happened but I felt the sudden urge to push her away..
I push her and she hit the floor badly..
“You are a Shit” I muttered and suddenly feel strange within..
I feel connected to someone and that person is around me but certainly not Freya.
I have to see that Bar dancer again and The Manager fixed 6pm
Its 5:30pm already
I drove to Oriental Bar and the place was Decorated..
I can only see a Single Bar dancer and she was masked.. She must be Laila
Pop Music was being played and she walked towards me swaying her hips.. I have to Unmask her this time
She danced seductively around me as usual but I controlled myself not to fall for her
This time she did not Blindfold me.. Her hand fluttered around my chest and I lifted my hand to open her Mask
I pulled the Mask slowly and her face is almost revealed
It is so nice playing games with this fool.
Just the way he love playing Games with people hearts
He pulled off my Mask slowly and I brought out the Chemical and spray it all over his face

“My eyes.. Holy Shit, I can’t see anything” He cursed

I removed my mask then Smirked.. It is not time for him to know that Lia is the Laila trying to play with his brain

I watched him rub his eyes in pains then I fled from the Bar
Mason Smith must not get to the Mansion before me or he will get suspicious
My Hired Men send me a Video of The Bar dancer dancing with My Mason
..I knew he *went to her after pushing me away
I watched the Video with so much Concentration
Mason tried to remove the Mask* but she sprayed Some liquid substance over his face
She removed her Mask and I was shocked to see the person underneath

“Lia.. Lia is A.. Alive” I stammered

“Lia .. is..is..is Back” I added

“Then she will have to die again” I thought Within
Mason have to see that The Bar dancer he is crazy about is none other than Lia Smith

I lay on my bed and closed my eyes thinking about how much I have fallen deeply in Love with this Lady I saved in the forest named Lia
I will not express this feeling until we are done with this revenge and I promise to give her a New Phase of Life
I smiled and drifted into a wonderland hoping to dream about her..The Queen of my ❤️
I put on my disguise Costume in the Taxi and I entered the house as Nurse Jane.. Leo is not seen anywhere around
I entered my room only to see someone wearing A Black Coat, A Black Hat and was also Masked
The Lights went out immediately
Heavy Slaps landed on my soft cheeks and I staggered to the Back

“Where is the Locker???” I heard an Unfamiliar voice

“I will not give you that Locker” I screamed

Water dripped from my eyes and my body grew weak in pains as I felt an Injection dabbed into my Neck

“Where is the Locker Jane??” I heard the Voice again and it looked kind of Feminine
Within Minutes blood started dripping from my mouth and Nose

“Leo” I whispered as the Pains reached its peak…


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