March 6, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 24

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Love on Fire🔥


Episode 24….

I was in the dancing dress with all other dancers and I walked towards my Greatest enemy
My plan walked out well.His personal assistant called him here
I danced around him following the rhythm of the music then used a small cloth to blindfold his eyes..
I kept dancing around him and he also tried to loosen the cloth.. I kept holding his hands and danced with my strength
I released his hands and fled from the scene

She finally left my hands and I removed the cloth used to cover my eyes but she was nowhere to be found
Other dancers were dancing.. I tried searching but all to no avail
” Stop the Music” I screamed

The Music stopped immediately, The Manager walked towards me and the Dancers paused

“What is the problem and why are you screaming” He asked

“I am screaming you mean?.. I am Mason Smith I can close this bar down” ..

“I am sorry Mr Smith.. What did you want??”…He asked

“Where is that lady dancing with me??” I asked losing patient

“She must be among the dancers”.. He replied then I stared at the dancers ..They were all masked

“Unmask them” I screamed and they all unveil themselves
None of them looked like Lia ..
“Are these all the dancers in the bar” I asked

“Only one is Missing and that is Laila”.. He replied

“Where is she??…I asked
“Is she Laila or Lia Smith??” I added

“Laila left few minutes ago” He replied

” This is an empty cheque.. Arrange tomorrow for just me and Laila… I want her to dance for me” I smiled
I will unmask Laila..
When she dance around me, Her sensation smells familiar.. I feel strange when her hands rotate round my body that I couldn’t even fight her back when she stopped me from removing the cloth used to Blindfold her eyes
I walked out of the Bar and drove home

~Mrs Smith~
I opened the Crest and heave a sigh..Everything is Intact
I kept it back in my cupboard and locked it
One of the keys was around my waist and the other. Hi ome on+233544142683 to read more exciting stories from storyline, unlimited story platform,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, sweet and nice story room, Novela and story room through ish on+233544142683. My Necklace
My mind suddenly drifted to the locket.. Yes I had kept it under the Old Flower vase and no one would ever imagine anything being there..
I lifted up the Vase and my eyes widened.. The locket is gone..
For God sake.. Who could have took it
Freya??.. Nay she doesn’t know about the locket
Nurse Jane??.. It must be her.. That Nurse have been crossing her boundary lately and it is time to deal with her

I entered the room through the door and I was walking to my room..
“Where are coming from??”Leo asked and I froze on the spot
He dragged my Arms and I faced him

“Speak up..He ordered

“Actually I..I…I”I stammered

“Actually you are hiding something” ..

“Not at all Leo.. I was coming from the church” I lied

“Church?? …But you didnt tell me about it”..

” You were asleep and I didnt want to disturb you”I defended myself

“Get this fact Lia.. All I want to do is to support and protect you till my last breath
Dont take any step without me.. Always carry me along.. I am your Shield” He said strictly and walked away

“Leo.. Leo” I called but he ignored me

“I am so sorry Leo.. I will have to do this without you” ..I whispered to myself

It is time to give Mrs Smith her medications

Mason entered our room and I screamed

“Who is she??”..

“What do you mean??” He smirked

“Who is that Bar Dancer.. I couldn’t see her face”I screamed again

“Neither could I…

“She was flirting around you and you are responding😡
She was touching you and you loved it and then…

“Shut up” He screamed and brought out a Knife
He walked towards me and I moved to the back slowly
I finally got to the wall and the Knife was on my Neck

“My life is not your business afterall you are not my wife, Lia is😏” He seethed

“Being in my life and on Lia identity doesn’t make you Lia” He added and the Knife sliced me a little

“That Bar dancer.. I feel something for her” Mason whispered pushed me to the floor and threw away the knife

” I will Unmask the Bar dancer and she will have a More terrible death than Lia” I seethed and tightened my fist

“No one can come between Mason and I…NO ONE..


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