February 27, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 21

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🍇Love on Fire🔥


Episode 21
“We dont need the file, Bring the paper out of the file” Leo said and I nodded
I drew out the paper and threw the File on the floor

“Mason Smith has to be destroyed” I seethed

On my way to the living room,I heard Leo and Nurse Jane discussion

“Mason has to be destroyed” She seethed

“Death is the only option for him” Leo replied

“I Lia Smith is here to bring him his greatest doom” ..

Lia Smith??… Freya told me about her
I have to inform Mason about this..
I peeped and saw the document with Lia.. Leo dragged her arms along with him
Only God Knows where they are heading to
Where is Mason??..
I have to see Mason
Lia or whatever she is in disguise will not suceed..

I tracked the file with my phone and It showed a red light at the front of the store
I guess it is somewhere near.. I looked around and found the blue file laying on the floor
I picked it up but it was empty.. Where has the Document gone
I walked up to my room and search the entire place
My blood was boiling in anger..
Mom came in with a Smile
“The Guests are waiting for you .. You should be fast in getting the paper” She said

“Mom Cancel the party.. The papers are Missing” I said trying to hold back my tears


“Cancel the party” I screamed and she flinched…

My pains turned into Anger and then Andrew walked in
“Mason I need to speak to you” He said and I drew a Bundle of dollar note from the drawer

“I know what you are here for.. Money Right??..
That is your problem.. You poverty stricken idiot” I screamed out of the Anger burning in me
I threw the money at him

“Get out” ..

“To hell with your money Mason Smith” He replied angrily and walked out of the room

What did he take me for??.. I wanted to help him and save him but he insulted me..
All because he is a successful business man.. The document is with Lia and he needs to know about it
I guess this is the beginning of your ruin Mason
I entered my room and was so surprised to see Leo and Nurse Jane awaiting me
Jane clapped and laughed sarcastically

” Yes I am Lia” She said then removed her wig, glasses and teeth..
I can see the way Leo stared at me.. Anger was written all over him

“You wanted to tell him I am Lia right?..
You wanted to tell him I am with his documents??
You really think Leo wasn’t watching you… I am glad he insulted you”…

“What has Mason done to you??…I asked and she laughed again

“I am Lia Cruiz.. Mason death is in my hands..
His days are numbered”..She said strictly

“But you are his wife and…

“Enough😡”She screamed in anger then signalled Leo. You can hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories.
Leo sent punches on my face and Lia covered my nose with a Handkerchief..I lose my breath slowly…

I watched Andrew laying Unconscious and I smirked
I brought out the document and Leo gave me the lighter
I made use of it and watch the paper transform into ash

” I will never let you achieve anything more.. The only thing left for you is Death”I seethed

“I will always support you Lia” Leo said and I hugged him

There is a change in me..
I soothed Lia hair as she hugged me and stared at her lovingly..I feel something for her but how do I tell her, We are just friends
She disengaged from the hug and I helped her put on her disguise Cosmetic
I opened my eyes but I was tied up and everywhere was dark

” We don’t need to kill him.. He would be useful” Leo said

“But he will remain here until we need him” Nurse Jane replied

“Lia we have to go otherwise They will get suspicious”..
I entered the Mansion through the Main Entrance and Leo passed the Back door in..

“Welcome to the Smith Mansion” Mason said with a Smile

“Jane Come over meet Mason’s Aunt.. Vindiya Smith” Freya said to me

“I am Nurse Jane” I said with a smile..

“Take her to her room” Mrs Smith Instructed the Maids
I saw my daughter Call

📞Hello Mom

📞I am in the States Mia

📞Mom what are you doing in the Smiths house

📞There are some secrets in the Smith Mansion and I want to Uncover it.. I have every of the hint
My main Goal here is to get the Diamonds

📞Call you later Mom.. have a party to attend..

She hanged up the call..
” I will know the Secrets in this Mansion.. I will unlock the Crest
I will have the Diamonds.. It is all Mine” I said out loud and laughed
My door flung open and The Nurse came in

“What are the Hints??… She asked frankly

“I can’t disclose it” I replied

She walked around me.. Use her left arm to Tighten my Neck.. Bring out her gun with her Right hand

“For the last time Vindiya.. What are the Hints??..

I am fully prepared for this..
I brought out a knife from my pocket stylishly and stab her left arm deeply

“Arrrgh”She groan and I pushed her to the floor..Collected the gun and point it towards her

“Who on Earth do you think you are??” ..I pulled the trigger immediately..


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