March 5, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 2

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 2
“Please Lia Accept this Honour of Dancing with me” Mason said softly..

“No Mason… Think about Freya, How did you want her to feel” I replied with a Shrug

“Forget about Freya” He seethed

“Hey Mason.. We are going for Club tonight” I heard Ian voice

Ian,Neil and Eric walked towards him
“Watsup Niggas ” Mason replied and shaked hands with them

“gotta go” I said and he held my wrist tight

“Pals meet my Lady😜, My Dance partner and A Best friend..Lia Cruiz” He said

“And you are not even Scared of Freya ” Eric said with eyes widened

“C’mon she is just a Friend” Mason replied

“But Freya…

“Enough Neil..You all should welcome her”Mason cut Neil off

“Lia will have to join us around.. At the Cafetaria and Parties”Ian said and I shaked my head in the Negative Manner

“She dont have to Join us around.. Freya is alive for crying out loud” Eric added

“Yes I dont have to join you guys.. I will be fine” I replied

“You can join us Sweet” Mason said

“Mason If you really want me to be your friend then try to care about my Safety and Well being
Staying anywhere near you or Freya means Danger” I explained and made to leave
He drag me back drawing me closer to him self, His hand fell on my Waist and My eyes widened
I can see his friends whisper among themselves

“You are my Dance partner for the Competition and I will send The Birthday card to you” He said staring intensely at me

“Okay Mason” I disengaged from the Close Contact and walked out of the Garden

“Guy what’s up with that lady..She is kind of pretty”Neil said

“She is a Friend” I replied bluntly

“Wait Mason are you trying to take us for a fool” Ian smirked

“You guys are my pals and I can’t tell you a lie” I ran my hand through my hair..Not knowing The exact feeling I have for Lia but I love it when she comes Closer to me

“But you are interested in her ” Eric said with a wink

“Kind of…

“Then Invite her to the Club tonight” Eric replied

“Who knows If she even clubs” Neil said with a Smirk

“I know how to get her to Club❣”I replied

“Boss Nigga ” Ian winked

“But I need someone to get Freya far from us”I said

“Will be taken care of” Eric replied

“How is Mason??” Kate said as we both walked to the parking lot

“I am not his personal assistant so dont ask me about him ” I replied bluntly..

“Check this out”She said showing me a Image on her phone

Mason hands was on my waist and his friends were behind us..

“How did you get this picture” I asked

“I was with you in The Garden but you were so Blinded by love that you couldn’t see me” She smirked

” I dont..

“Lia..Let me give you a ride home pleasssse….” I heard Mason voice

“No” I said shaking my head

“Common Sweetie… Go with him, I will go home alone” Kate said

“Come with me plss” Mason added with a Cute puppy face

“Go Lia…Freya would be here soon” Kate said

I entered Mason car..I really can’t continue in the kind of friendship where I will be running from Freya

“Mason Turn Left” I told him

“I am not taking you home Lia..We are going to an eatery and please dont protest”He said


“Dont protest”He shunned me

“My mom would be worried about me.. I didnt tell her about staying late”..

“Just send her a text..You are now a grown up”He said and I nodded

We got to the Eatery and kept talking and talking and Time was not on our side
Its getting Late

“That Trash is with Your Mason ..Can you Imagine” Sasha shouted entering my house with Bella

“Take a Look at This…Bella gave me her phone and I saw the picture of Lia and Mason laughing happily over a meal

“And dont you think they look good together” Sasha taunt me and I fumed in Anger

“There is gonna be Blood shed” I seethef angrily

“Do something about this Shit”Bella smashed her phone angrily on the Floor

“There are leaving the Eatery and Mason is Planning on taking her to Continental Club coz It is late already” Sasha added and My Anger burned

I changed my dress into a Crazy Bumshort and a tight spag
My eyes has become red out of pains
If Mason can’t be with me then he wont be with anyone else.. I would rather kill her like I killed Anna
If he can’t love me😣 then he wont love anyone else not even Lia
I picked my Silent pistol and a Sharp knife

” Freya, Lia have to die… She messed with the wrong person” Bella seethed and I walked out of the house and drove straight to the Bar…

I sighted Lia and Mason from Afar
Mason Looked so serious…I wonder what he is talking about
I pointed the Gun towards Lia and I pulled the Trigger
I looked around to ensure no one is looking at me then I fired the Bullet, I saw Blood as Expected…Mission Accomplished I turn to walk out when I heard groans

“Arrrgh” ..My head Snapped back and I was surprised at the person My Bullet hitted

“Mason” Lia Screamed and rushed to him…I gasped in Fear
I shot Mason

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