February 26, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 18

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 18…

“Mason Smith, It is time to see this form of mine
It is time to pay for your sins” I said as anger boiled over me
I rewatched the video, It was a short clip
“Mason I am very happy we got rid of her”Freya said with a sigh
“I am more happy that she did not concieve the baby”He repliedand they cheered gulping in a glass of wine
“Everything that happened was the conspiracy between mason and Freya.. It was all planned”Leo said and Lia held his palm
“Leo please do me this favour as a friend.. Support me,Guide and see me through my revenge” She pleaded
“Mason is a very cunning man and to fight with a shrewd man like him, You have to be strong.. you need the ability to develop yourself physically”Leo explained and Lia nodded
“I have a day off from the Smiths Mansion,I will use it to teach you some skills.
Just within Seven days,I will make sure we go a step forward on our revenge plan”Leo said and Lia hugged him.. Teacher smiled
“Thanks a lot Leo”Lia whispered

*The Smiths* *Mansion*

My phone rang and my face beam up with a smile on seeing the caller
The Contract Mr Dutley offered worth billions of Naira

📞Hello Mr Smith

📞Hii Mr Dutley.. How are you doing?

📞I am doing fine Mr Smith,I called to inform you that the Contract documents will be sent down to US soon

📞Okay Mr Dutley

📞Will send you a mail soon goodbye
Freya entered the room with a glass of Milk and some biscuits

“Mason My brother who is working as a police has been fired and now he is helpless” Freya complained
“So what do you want me to do?” I asked frankly
“We can accomodate him here in our Mansion till he gets his Job back” Freya suggested
“Freya I hope you are not planning a game here”..
I really dont have a single trust in her
“No not a game but Reality, Please help him”
For the first time I saw sincerity in her eyes
” Okay fine.. Let him come over

General pov

Leo was seen in a kitchen with a glass of water.. He was clad in a black suit like a body guard should
Leo emptied a powdery substance into the water and walked to Mrs Smith(Mason Mother)
“I can see that you are a bit tired so I brought you a glass of water”He said softly
“Drop it but your task is to safe guard this house not to serve glasses of water”..
“I only did this because the maids were on leave” Leo replied
“Go” Mrs Smith said softly
She stared at the water with so much doubt in Leo.. She was too tired to go to the kitchen so she drank the water Leo brought

Few Minutes Later*

“Ahhhhhh”Mrs Smith screamed collapsing to the floor
Mason and Freya rushed down the stairs
“She is Unconscious”Freya said looking at Mason with Fear
Guards from all corners of the house appeared including Leo
“Where were you all when all this happened to my mother”He screamed at them
“I will get the doctor immediately”Leo rushed out of the Mansion
He drove in with a man posed as a doctor
“Give her the Antidote and dont forget what you are supposed to tell them” He warned strictly and the man nodded
They both entered the house. The doctor walked up to Mrs Smith room and gave her the Injection
“Mrs Smith is going through a Mental stress owing totally to her old age
She needs a personal nurse who will give her the medication at the right time else things will go worse”The doctor faced Mason
“I will send for a Nurse Immediately” Mason replied
“You need not to worry Mr Mason.. I already called one of my well trusted Nurses”..
“Thank you doctor”Freya replied
“I have to leave, She will be here any moment from now” The doctor said streching forth his hand for a shake
“Thank you doctor”..

🗨Are you ready..
I saw Leo message

🗨Very well ready
I looked at myself in the mirror.. I looled entirely different
I wore a wig which changed my entire face,I used a deep blue eye contact and eye glasses
I wore anothee pair of teeth to cover mine up.. I must not be recognized in anyway
I wore a white gown and the Id Card given to me by Leo
I picked up the black hand bag and my car key on my way out,I remembered what Teacher told me
“Lia there are many secret in the Smith Mansion that is left Unveiled and Many puzzles that is unsolved
I will give you some hints when next you return here”..
What can those secrets and puzzles be??..
I drove into the Smith Mansiom and heave a deep sigh
I have to face my enemy
I entered the living room and the First thing Mason said was
“My mother room is on the second floor by the left”..
I was on the stairs when he shouted
“Stop” I froze on the spot
“Stop Lia where are you going to😡??
How dare you come back to my house like this??” he added walking towards me


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