February 27, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 17

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 17….

General pov
“My Baby” Lia wept😭 and Teacher took her to a sit

“Why did you not leave my soul alone to rest in peace” Lia screamed and Leo hugged her

“When there is life, there is hope.. You dont need to blame God for giving you a chance to live again”Leo whispered in her ears

“Take a deep breath”He added and Lia sighed

“Here is a cup of tea,It would help you relax”Teacher walked towards them and Leo disengaged from the hug
Lia sipped in the tea but still looking unhappy

“What happened to you.. How did you end up here in the forest?”Teacher asked

“My husband.. Mason Smith”Lia tried to explain
Leo and Teacher looked at each other

“Mason Smith”Teacher said slowly

“Yes Mason Smith” Lia replied

“We went to his family farmhouse and we were on the roof top then I felt a sudden push
All I could see was Freya wicked grin.. Mason took hold of me but I dont know why he suddenly let me go”Lia explained

“With the little I know about the Smiths, They don’t have a farmhouse”Leo said

“But he took me to a Farmhouse and we were on the roof top”..

“Mason is a Devil.. He can take you all the way there to murder you”Teacher said

“You know nothing about my husband,Mason is not a murderer and he love his unborn baby”Lia protested

“He killed my…

“Enough Teacher!” Leo cut her off then face Lia

“You really trust Mason right??.. What if I bring to you the prove that he is behind all this” Leo said

“If you bring me the prove then I will believe you but for now I trust Mason completely” Lia replied

“Teacher I will find a way to get to that Mansion .. I will know the person behind the ploy, Be it Mason or Freya”Leo said

“Going to that Mansion is like placing yourself between enemies” Teacher said looking worried
She cupped Leo cheeks and tears was folded in her eyes

“You have trained me for years Teacher and this is the best time to achieve my goal”..

“May the Lord Blessings go with you” Teacher said with her eyes closed

“I will leave for town tomorrow.. I am sure not all would recognize me” Leo replied

It seems both of then knows Mason
Leo said it is the best time to achieve his goal..
What goal did he want to achieve??
Can Mason really be a Murderer?
Did he push me down intentionally?
I have many Questions unanswered
If Mason happens to be the Culprit then I would never forgive him

The Next Day
Leo stood at the front of the Huge Smith Mansion staring at it Intensely
A Car parked at the front of the Mansion
I stared at the Beauty built on my parents wealth
My Goal here is to get Lia support by giving her the prove she needs and My Priority is to kill Mason. Only then can my father soul rest in perfect peace

“We need one more body guard”The man who alighted from the car said to the Guy beside him
I guess this is my opportunity.. I walked towards *him
“If you need A Guard for this Mansion then I am perfectly Fit”..I said* frankly

“How do you want me know that??” He asked

“If there is any complaint about my service here within three months then you can Fire me”..

“You are very confident of yourself young man. All you need to do is to fill the form and join the men in the back seat”..
Leo smiled satisfactorily

General pov

Hours after, The Manager entered the house with Five Able men including Leo

“They should start work immediately”Mason said
He was sitting with leg crossed on a chair
On seeing Leo,Mrs Smith slumped down to the floor and fainted
Mrs Smith pov
I came out from the Kitchen to see the New Body Guards Mason is about to employ
On seeing Leo.. Annette son
The scenes of the past rushed into my memory
What has this boy come to do in my house??
He stared at me and I felt dizzy
Two Weeks Later
Lia is getting over her pains bit by bit and is also getting used to Teacher
Teacher marked a spot on the wall then gave her a knife telling her to throw it directly on the spot
She kept missing target and Teacher smiled

“That was how Leo learned too”She said

“Try Harder sweetie”She added

Lia picked up another knife.. She stared at the spot and then threw it with her eyes closed

“Wow”Teacher screamed and Lia sighed heavily

“Finally” She whispered

“I got the prove”Leo voice interrupted and Lia eyes widened turning her face to him
Teacher paid all her attention to Leo

“Show me the prove”Lia said still staring at him

Leo clicked on a Video and gave the phone to Lia

Lia gritted her teeth in Anger
“Mason Smith.. You have met your greatest doom
I will be your Worst Nightmare and you will die in my hands
You will pay dearly for the death of my baby😡 and for breaking my trust
Here is the revenge of a lady who lost her Identity,Her Heart and Her Happiness”..


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