March 6, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 16

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Love on Fire🔥


Episode 16…
General pov
“Done and dusted” Freya said hearing Lia screamed

“Buh do you think she will die just like that” Mason asked

“If she survive in that Forest then God really have something to do with her” Freya replied and Mason give a small smile

“Mason you lied to her that this is your family Farmhouse”..

“If I didnt lie then how would I bring her to her death” Mason replied with a smirk

“When are we leaving the country with the Diamonds”Freya asked

“We cant leave .. The Game is not over yet”..

“We should leave this place now.. I am scared”Frey said looking around

“Coward”Mason seethed then grab her hand dragging her out of the scene
They entered the Smith Mansion and Mrs Smith shouted

“Where is Lia.. You left with her”…

“We completely got rid of her”Freya said bluntly

“Mason tell me she is joking”Mrs Smith grabbed Mason Collar
Mason pushed his mom down to the floor and she wailed in pains

“Have you gone Mad”He shouted

“We got rid of her but we dont know if she is dead or alive”Freya added

“Lia cant be dead”Mrs Smith whispered

*At the Cruiz* Home
Lia photo frame suddenly fell from the wall and it shattered
Lia mother looked alert
“This is a Bad Omen”She said

“I have to get to my daughter and know about the Diamonds”She added and walked towards the broken frame
She place a call through but Lia line is not reachable.. She became more worried

“I have to go to the Smiths Mansion”She said within

*General pov*

Leo and his mother are in a small hut in the middle of the forest

“The death of your father is always a pain to me”Leo mother named teacher said

” Teacher.. I will avenge my father death in the most gruesome way so his soul may rest in peace” He replied

“They are just so wicked.. They killed my husband, Took over our Wealth and sent us to the Forest” Teacher wept..

“I dont like seeing you cry teacher.. pls wipe ur tears”He wiped the face of his mom

“I am fine Leo.. Go hunt for some food” Teacher said soothing his hair

Carrying out Teacher Instruction, I heard soft groan like someone is in pains

“Ahhh.. Ahhh.. Ahh” The voice came softly
I traced the voice and was so surprised to see a Woman.. She was in her own pool of blood and was loosing consciousness
The most shocking part of it was that.. She is carring a baby
I lifted her upon my shoulder and carried her to the Hut

“Teacher Teacher.. An Injured pregnant woman”I shouted laying her on the mat

“Get some herbs”She rushed towards me

I rushed into the forest to get some medicinal leaves

“Teacher here are the leaves”I said

“Wash it in warm water.. I need to use it to clean up her wounds
I dont think her baby can survive this”Teacher said
I stared at the woman

“She’s loose consciousness”I said slowly

“I pray she get better soon”Teacher replied

*General pov*

Lia was unconscious for days,Leo and his mother took perfect care of her
Her stomach gradually went down.. Her baby couldnt make it down to the world
Leo and his teacher were outside the Hut.. Praticing with a Sword

“Leo you have to learn fast.. You dont give your opponent any chance to strike you”His teacher said

“Okay mom..Lets fight again”..
Sword clash against each other.. Leo Teacher smiled as her son improve on the skill

Lia opened her eyes gently.. At first it was all blurry but as soon as she see clearly
She stood up slowly..
She felt pains around her body and she managed to walk out wondering where she is..
She saw Leo and his mother with swords and she touched her tommy

“My baby”She whispered

Leo and Teacher froze on the spot on hearing her voice

“She is conscious”Leo said with a smile and Teacher dropped her sword

“Where is my baby”She asked again

“You lost your baby”Teacher spilled out the news

Tears fell out of her eyes.. She remembered how Mason let go of her hands and Freya wicked face

“Why??”She screamed in tears

“I lost my baby”She slumped down to the floor wailing in pains😭😭😭😭…
“My happiness”She whispered


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