March 5, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 15

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 15….
I lay on the hospital bed looking pale..
Mason and his mother walked in and I was really surprised to see them
“Mother” I called softly and she soothed my hair

“Lia I am so sorry ..I am so sorry Lia❣
Why should I have doubted my daughter in law”His mother begged and I sobbed gently

“Now that you are carrying my grand child.. I am accepting you whole heartedly
I am accepting you to the Smiths family.. Come back home”She added then pecked my forehead
Mason walked to the other side of the bed

“I am a fool to doubt you.. But would you blame me only God know who changed your identity.. Your Identity confused us all” He said wiping my tears

“Please forgive me for the sake of our unborn baby..
Forgive me for the sake of the life we created together.. Forgive me Lia” He begged

“I forgive you but if you would hurt me one more time, I am scared I wont find a space in my heart for you again” I replied and he hugged me

“I would always be your happiness.. I would never hurt you.. never again”He said
I was disch1arged from the hospital soon and Mason took me home

“Happy you are back home”He said as we entered the room

“More Happy that you are carrying my boy” He added

“Its a girl” I said

“He is a boy” He argued

“She is a girl” I protested
He dragged me towards himself

“He is a boy”He whispered

“Nope she is a girl💎”I whispered back and he crashed his lips on mine
He munched on my lips and I released myself to him

“My tommy needs food Lia” He whispered

“I will get to the kitchen” I walked out of the room nervously
Freya walked towards me

“You came back into the house right??..

“Yes Freya.. Your plan didnt work out well” I replied with a smirk

“I really don’t know how long it will take you to realize that All this is not my plan” She said

“Then whose plan??” I snapped

“If you keep trusting Mason blindly then you will regret it..

“I will not tolerate a word against my husband” I seethed angrily bringing out the hot spoon

“I feel a strong pity for this faithful wife…Mrs Smith” She walked out of the Kitchen laughing wickedly

*Few months later*
My stomach grew rapidly and I feel gentle kicks at every slight moment
Mason treats me with Massive love and care
We were on the roof top on the Smiths family farm house.. It was decorated as my baby shower is knocking on the door
I wore a large dark blue gown and on a slight make up
We stood up staring at the Full moon
“It looks so Beautiful The sky is sparkling”Mason said

“I can’t help but to imagine how beautiful my baby would be” I replied staring at the sky..

I felt a sudden push and I fell downward.. Mason held my hand and I stared at the floor
It was Damn deep and all I could see was forest

“Mason please pull me up.. Dont let me fall” I begged as fear gripped me

I saw Freya face gazing at me wickedly..I dont know what she did to Mason but he let go of my hands

“Ahhhhhhhhhh”I screamed floating down the air
Am I going to die??
This is such a great fall


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