February 26, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 14

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Love on Fire🔥


Episode 14…

Can’t believe this is happening to me..
Who changed my Identity without my consent??..
Now Freya live in the Smiths house and I am out
Everything is Confusing
Even Mason never believes that I am Lia.. His wife
God what will I do??
I am confused.. I will never forgive anyone behind my misfortune..
I will never forgive the person behind all this..
I rushed to the Bank to withdraw a Huge sum of money. At first the Bank refused me because of my different face but my Biometric (Thumbprint ) confirmed it that I am Lia Smith
I drove to Bluelight Hotel.. Need to get over the stress
*General pov*

Mason and Freya are in Mrs Smith Living room
” Mother I want you to find about Lia location.. I know her family wouldn’t accept her
I changed her Identity and also make het regret for saying a NO to me” Mason said staring at a gun

“Mason there is a tracker on Lia” .. Freya replied

“Smart of you” Mason replied fixing his gaze on her

“I guess you tortured the poor girl enough..
You have the diamonds already so what else do you want ” Mrs Smith said
Mason threw a knife towards his mother and she escaped Narrowly..The Knife almost pierce into her arms

“I will happy if that knife kills you
You are Better dead than alive” Mason walked out and Freya sent her a warning glare

“You gave birth to this Demon..You should understand him by now”Freya said and Mrs Smith sighed

Mason walked out of the house carrying a small brief case..
He drove to an Abandoned Factory…
Two men in Black suits waited for him there
He gave them the brief case and they gave him a Luggage bag full of dollars
“Is it Complete?” He asked frankly

“Sure” They replied

“I really dont need to check but if it is not Complete you will die before 24 hours”..

He walked back to his car Majestically


I went to the Boutique to get some new clothes..
I suddenly went dizzy and slump to the Floor
People around rushed to me to lift me up but everything went totally blank

Few Minutes after
Lia opened her eyes slowly to see the doctor

“You are 2 Months pregnant… Why do you have to stress yourself this much
Thats why you passed out” The doctor said

“Pregnant???” Her eyes widened

” No doctor redo the test.. I can’t be pregnant for a man who rejected me” Lia cried

“You are pregnant Miss..There is nothing I can do about it”…

Lia touched her tommy and . a lil smile..
She found a Happiness

“I will keep this Baby.. He is the only one there when everyone rejected me..
He is my happiness”..

“Bad News” Freya said walking into my room..
My head snapped up
For Freya to say Bad news then there is a Bad news

“What’s it”..

“Lia is Pregnant”…

“Gosh!” I screamed..This is not part of the plan

“What do we do now??” She asked

“Either she Aborts the Baby or loose her life
She can’t be the mother of my child…


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