February 26, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 12

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 12…

Freya Spill out the truth
I wailed in pains as I was being tortured for hours
The police men finally left grinning wickedly and I cried in total discomfort
I watched the Video of Lia being tortured and I smiled
I have taken those Diamonds far away and it is totally mine
I will eliminate those who try crossing my path
I love being what I am

Few Months Later
“Freya its time for Lia to come out of Jail.. I already send a huge amount to the warder so they will sneak her out as once as you get there”..

“Okay Mason” I replied

“I want you to act like there is no more grudges and apologize for your mistakes that is why I am sending you there” ..

“Okay Mason”..

“Good luck”He said with a grin
I picked my car keys and smiled to myself
Oh Dear Mason..Your Game is coming to an end.. Your time is over
I drove straight to the Central Jail.. After disconnecting all the CCTV cameras.. Lia was handed over to me and the warder asked us to run faraway

“Thanks a lot Freya” Her skin was badky bruised and she was looking pale

“Amelia Its high time for you to know the truth about Mason
Mason does not love you😣, He sent you to Jail and all he wants are the Diamonds💎💎” I said Sincerely

“Freya please I can’t tolerate any word against Mason.. I can’t just hear a wotd against my Husband..
I know you are behind all this coz you are not in support of our Marriage”…

“Yes I am behind it all but I am following Mason’s order” I replied

“Freya stop this lies🙄.. I trust Mason a lot and I wont let you put an end to our Marriage” She screamed at me

“Lia dont you get it😡… The Fact that Mason is using both of us”

“Enough Freya😡😡.. I have heard Enough
Stop this Car and let me come down.. I will find my way”

“No Lia.. I can’t let you down
Once the police discover that you escaped they will be in search of you and you will implicate the warder” I replied

“I know you trust Mason a lot..do me a favour of listening to this Audio”…

..Give her Leftovers to eat, Torture her and beat her to stupor.. I love seeing her in pains…..The Audio played and I gasped
Tears made out it way without stress

“Why Mason.. Why did you have to break my trust💔” I screamed in pains
I trusted the wrong person, I can’t believe Freya is right

“The Best you have to do now is to Divorce Mason
Your so called Husband is a Demon and He doesn’t deserve you” Freya said and we drove into the Smiths Mansion

” I thought he loved me.. I didnt know it is deceit and nothing more💔” I sobbed

” The Diamonds are gone.. You wont see them again” She said and I screamed
I alighted from the car and ran towards the Mansion
I grabbed Mason shirt collar

“Mason why would you betray me??..
Why would you break the trust I have in you
Where are those Diamonds💎💎?”I screamed
He spank my hands off his shirt and walked towards Freya
Slaps landed on her face

“How dare you poisoned her mind against me .. How dare you lie to her”Mason seethed in anger

“After convincing me that the one in Jail is Freya and you are Lia
After you told me that it was your plan to set her up” He shouted at Freya then faced me

“What is a Relationship without trust..You believed someone who changed her identity into yours just to Imprison you😏, Someone who want to get you out of this house so she can take your place
Yes I called the police men to torture the Lady in Jail coz the Last time I visited you Freya told me she was Lia and Swore on her life
I thought The Lady in Jail was Freya that was why I allowed her to be tortured
I didnt know she is Freya until now.. she was the one who had asked me to call the policemen so The Lady Behind bars can be tortured
It was all her plans”Mason said and my eyes widened

I walked up to Freya and gave her my own set of slaps
” Let this be this last time you try causing a rift between Mason and I” I warned strictly

“I am sorry for doubting you Mason” I faced Mason

“Apologies accepted.. i love you so much Lia and I can’t bear the fact that you don’t trust me” He replied and I hugged him
“I am so sorry” I whispered


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