March 6, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 11

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 11..

Freya and I are talking over a beer

“The Inspector just called me now and i think this is the best time to take over those diamonds” Freya said with a grin

“She will be out of Jail soon but the Diamonds would be nowhere to be found”I replied gulping the beer..

I know Lia would be back soon but i will not let her come back into this house.
I will make sure she discovers who Mason is and He will be her worst enemy
The Warder in charge of Lia ward called Mason

📞 Feed her with leftover.. Torture her and beat her to stupor. I love seeing her in pains.. He said through the phone
I recorded his voice.. this will be the best evidence against Mason when Lia is back

“Freya are *you prepared for our Next move” He said frankly and I nodded
I stood up to walk away then he held my wrist.. He twisted it so badly that I groan in pains
He brought* out a knife and place it on my neck

“Dear Freya.. If you try to stab me in the back then I am promising you death” He seethed and I gasped
He released me from the grip then use the knife to stab my palm

“Mason have you gone Mad” I screamed

“I felt it that you are about to betray me” He shouted back
Blood dripped out freely and the pains increased

“I am promising you greater pains than this.. I will make you live like an Animal” He pulled by the hair and down to the floor

“You wouldnt want to see my wrath”He tightening his Jaws and walked upstairs.. Tears dripped from my eyes
Everything went blurry and all I could manage to see was Mason Mother

“” I stammered in pains as I slowly went out of breath

“If anyone would provoke Mason, I dont believe it would be you because you have been with him since childhood and know all he is Capable of doing even I His mother have never dared to tempt his temper” .
Mrs Smith said before picking her phone to call the doctor

” Someone’s here to see you” The Warder said then Mason walked in

” Mason please get me out of here soon”..I said with tears dripping from my eyes
” I am in pains here😭” I added

“Lia you really dont need to cry,your tears makes me unhappy
I promise you will be out of here soon Just be strong”He said and his phone rang

“An Important call Lia.. Sorry I have to go”He walked out and i cried the more.. I dont deserve this kind of married life
The Warder unlocked the and Five policemen walked in with whips

I shivered on the spot

“Tie her up”One of them said

“What on Earth have I done??” I cried out

” Sorry Mrs Smith but we were asked to torture you till your very last breath”One of them said and they all laughed

They poured water all over me and I shivered.. They all Wiped me.. My body became red amd was hoozing out blood

“Ma..son” I whispered slowly as I lose my strenght..Blood dripped out from my Nose and Mouth


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