February 26, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 1-68

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❤️Love on Fire🔥

Episode 1

“Melia wait up”I heard Freya voice and I froze on the spot, She walked straight to me
“Melia I have two hobbies in life,First is loving Mason with all my heart and the second is taking away anyone who want to come between us even if the person have to die”She said frankly and I tried to Explain

“I slipped…

“Spare me yout explanations Coz I am not blind, I can see the way you comfortably relaxed on his arms and The way he stared at you..He hardly stare at me that way”…

“Trust me Freya…

“I know you wouldn’t want to see my madness coz my insanity kills”She said angrily and I nodded
She walked back to the hall and i walked to thr parking lot
I really need a good rest for today.

I can’t get that scene off my head .. I have never seen such a Natural beauty
She fell on my arms and Her ling hair was killing but Freya Interrupted that beautiful scene
I asked her to go apologize and I wonder what she went to di
She walked back into the hall feigning anger .

“I apologized”She seethed

“Lets get going” I replied then held her by the waist
I have to see that lady again, I really dont even know her name..

It was late in the night and The Scenes of the day rushed into my memory
I fell on his Arms and he was staring at me in such a way that I have never imagined
“You like him”I remembered Kate speech
The truth is that I dont like Mason, I really dont think I like Mason Smith

“I know you wouldn’t want to see my madness coz my Insanity Kills”I remembered Freya warnings…

“You are a good for nothing and no one would ever want to be with you”Tim Screamed at me Just few months ago

Tears rushed down my cheeks

“I know you have lost interest in Guys ever since Tim cheated you but the fact is that you like Mason” Kate voice soon beeped in my thoughts

I really think I have gone Mad
My Eyelids became heavy and I drifted to sleep

General pov
XL Highschool final year students were told to prepare for the Dance Competition coming up in Few weeks.
Each students are to choose their dance partners..
The lecture for the day turned out to be a Bit boring. Lia heave a Sigh of relief immediately the teacher stepped out of the Class
“Lia I want to go out for shopping”Kate said

“When do you think we should??”..

“Maybe Next week”..

“I really dont think there is time to Shop..We have to prepare for the Dance Competition”I replied

“Are you taking part in that Competition??”She asked

“Of Course”..

“You don’t have a Dance partner😏”..

“I can dance alone”..

“Lia are you in your right senses??…

“Let me be Miss Kate”.

“I am going to The Cafetaria”She said then went out of the Classroom
I walked to the school Garden and Sat on the Woosmden Chair enjoying the Moment alone

“Hey”I heard Mason Voice and my head snapped up
He took a sit beside me

“Are you a Fresher In XL coz i am seeing you for the first time yesterday”He said

“I am not a Fresher”I replied bluntly

“I am Mason Smith”..

“Amelia Cruiz” . I replied

“I want to Apologize for Freya and Bella Mistakes.
Bella shouldn’t have slapped you and Freya was so dumb that she never understands anything”He explained

“I dont need any Apologies,I should thank you for helping me Yesterday”I replied

He ran his hand through his hair

“I would like to Invite you to my birthday party”…

“Where and When??”I asked

“My house and with My Family”..

“I am so sorry Mason..I can’t attend it
Freya would be there and she dont like seeing me around you”…

“I have’nt told Freya about the Party… She is not that important and she dont have to be there
If you don’t want to see Freya then so be it but your presence is needed”..

“I am also not Important and I am not attending the party..I promise to send gifts”

“I dont need your gifts Lia..The Best thing You can give me is your presence at The party”…

“Fine I would come”I replied

“One more thing Lia…


“I want you to be my dance partner for the coming competition”He said and my heart sank…

“I know you wouldn’t want to see my Madness coz my insanity kills”.. Freya voice echoed repeatedly in me…


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