February 26, 2021


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In Love With A Prvstitute Synopsis

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{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱


By: Itz Pretty White

I bet you all know the meaning of prostitution and who a prostitute is.
A prvstitute can also be said to be a sl*t – whichever way you wanna call it.

Meet Viola – just Viola, no surname a sexy prostitute and the queen of all s*-xy girls in the motel that she works in.
She doesn’t believe in love but rather believe in s*x and pay.

Meet Lucas Roderick – a f*cking wealthy billionaire who has a girlfriend ASAP.
His parents put pressure on him to get married and he proposes to his girlfriend but gets rejected.

What happens when he pays Viola to act as his wife? 😱

Will they come together or rather maintain the straight fact that they’re acting? 🎭

Guys this is one of my short but interesting stories and you wouldn’t wanna miss it.

Hit on the like button and comment so that episode 1 can be posted immediately..
From your lovely authoress ✍ Itz Pretty White..

Much love 💋 💋 💋…

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