February 27, 2021


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Crazy Tasha Synopsis

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She’s crazy
She’s sweet
Loving if she wants to be
She’s the proper definition of beauty I guess
But she’s real crazy
She’s no other girl than Tasha Hart but you can call her Crazy Tasha or Miss Crazy

She’s not a poor girl if you think of that

Infact she’s the daughter of one of the richest man in California

What happens when Crazy Tasha is persuaded by her parents to give Dave a baby or let’s say be his baby mama🤰

Oops who is Dave
He is the richest billionaire wealthier than Tasha’s parents but he needs a baby🤱

He is also a rude and arrogant billionaire

He isn’t really into marriage but all he needs is a baby🤰🤱that can have his money when he’s gone

Then his parents ask Tasha’s parents to allow their daughter be his baby mama and they agree but because they also have an ulterior motive

Will Tasha agree to be a baby mama for Dave?

What happens when Crazy meets rude?
Grab your popcorn let’s ride

❌Not to be copied❌
©️ Authoress Prechy ❤️


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