March 3, 2021


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Crazy Tasha Episode 2

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πŸ‘„ Episode TwoπŸ’…
🀰 TASHA POV Contd 🀰
I danced to the rhythm of the song coming out of my headphones while skating ignoring stares from onlookers

How can I be dancing and skating at the same time
Crazy Right

Anyway did I forget to add that this girl does crazy things

I started skating with full speed as I sighted the building from afar

As I was about stopping the skateboard I bumped into a guy

Oh Lord
He is damn cute with nice body structure if I must confess

“Am sorry for bumping into you. Didn’t mean to”I said leaving the way

I was waiting for his reply when he pulled my hair

“And where do you think you are going b*tch”he said still dragging my hair

What! Is this guy for real
Initiating crazy mode……………

“Dude I just said sorry or are your ears deaf that you can’t hear or your eyes have gone blind that you can’t identify bitches when you see them “I said mouth washing him and I could hear gasps every where

Well even though he is rich,my parents are rich also and he doesn’t have to be a rude jerk

“It seems you don’t know who you are dealing with”he said staring daggers at me

I stuck out my tongue at him
“I fear noone dude and you don’t know me either”I said picking my skate board and wiggling my waist at him and people started laughing

Am already late for classes

I ran faster to the building with my skate board in my hands

“Good morning Miss Grande”I greeted the dance instructor as soon as I entered the hall

“Miss Hart you are late”she said

“I am sorry Miss Grande. Something came up”I said sitting down

“Guess you were pulling more mischiefs as usual”she said and everybody started laughing

She’s really got to get it from me

I just said sorry but it seems her ears went on break

All of them will really get it from me

“So since Miss Hart is here now I will make my announcement”she said and immediately the door opened and the A3 walked in

Wait a minute

They weren’t around before and Miss Grande was making a fuss about my late coming

“A3 you are late”she said

“We are sorry”AleXa said sarcastically going to her seat with Alicia and Anna.

Well the A3-Alexa Alicia and Anna are rich girls who are very proud,saucy and cocky if I must add
But they are incredible singers and dancers and they have a huge crush on Dave Jones especially Alexa

I don’t really know this Dave,I know am rich but am not popular like most rich people and I don’t know most of them.

“So the announcement goes like this. The annual dance competition which is held every year in California is here again”she said and I could hear squeals from everyone including me

“And this year’s own would be more different because some celebrities would attend”she said and paused probably to check if we were still paying attention

“And the first celebrity on my list is
Ariana Stiles”she said

We started clapping because Ariana is a very well known singer and dancer

“The second celebrity is Miranda Cosgrove”she said and we started clapping

“And the last on my list is…”she paused probably to create suspense as we all held out breath

I just pray it’s Davis Milly she is about to call
I so love his song like crazy

“And the last person is Dave Jones”she said and squeals were heard around the class mainly from the A3

Why is Dave Jones among
He is neither a singer nor a dancer

I raised up my hands signifying I had a question

“What’s the problem Miss Hart”She asked

“Why is Dave Jones invited when he is not a dancer nor a singer”I said ignoring the hisses from the three snakes near me

“Well he has alot to offer in the competition so he is really needed for the monetary aspect”she said and I nodded my head and sat down

There’s no way Dave Jones would be there if there’s not Davis Milly

Think Tasha
I have to find a way to invite him through the organizers computer

I smiled when a thought crossed my mind

I carried my skateboard as I was about leaving the class when A3 walked up to me

“Here goes crazy Tasha”Alicia said and I smiled crept up my face

“How can I help you”I said because I know they are just here for trouble and am really in for it

“Nothing we just wanted to give you a gift”Alexa said and the next thing I felt was cold ice cream on my body

I didn’t bother saying anything and turned around to leave
Like seriously I dont look for trouble but they just angered me for nothing

I watched as they giggled happily and walked down to the administration office

Time for revenge mission

I walked over to their car, their car is very easy to find because they have their initials on it

I walked to the tyres and bent down
I don’t really have what to use to punch it but I must devise a means

I removed the tyres from my skate board and I started using the sharp edge to punch all the tyres and they started getting deflated

Mission accomplished
Let’s see how they can go home

To be continued
Seems like Tasha already met rude dude unknowingly

Authoress Prechy β€οΈπŸ“Œ

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