February 26, 2021


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Crazy Tasha Episode 1

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πŸ‘„ Episode oneπŸ’…
🎢🎢You are gonna miss me when am gone
When am gone…..

“Tasha get out from the bathroom and come for breakfast”I heard cranky mom tell.

“How many times have I told you to stop calling me mitchelle. Huh” she yelled twisting my ear

Cranky mom is at it from me.

She will really get it from me
I smiled as a thought flashed into my head

“Am sorry mom”I said hugging her with my wet body

“Don’t make me wet Tasha”she said moving away and as she did that her clothes tore into two

Hahaha the prank worked

“Tasha you just ripped my favorite dress”she yelled

“Uhmm I didn’t mean to Mom am really sorry”I said faking my crocodile tears

“I hope you really mean it. Anyways it’s ok I will just go change”cranky mom said leaving the room

Need a little introduction

Am Tasha Hart and am really crazy only child of my parents Mr and Mrs Hart and I really love it

Having another sibling will make me look older
There’s nothing I love more than singing infact I can single to the end of the world
I even attend singing classes where I also display mischiefs and craziness and guess what am still schooling meaning more craziness

“Tasha”I heard cranky mom yell again

Oh yeah cranky mom is at it again

Might continue my intro later

I rubbed some lotion on my body and brought out a joggers pant and T-shirt

I wore my sneakers and picked my skate board at the entrance of the room

I didn’t forget to take my head phones also

It’s time for my singing and dancing class

I ran downstairs not minding the stairs and met dad and cranky mom sitted at the dinning

As soon as they saw me they started laughing


What’s wrong with them

Am I a clown or something

I went closer to the glass door and stared at my reflection in the mirror

I started laughing immediately

I do look crazy

My hair sucks, totally forgot to arrange my hair but they are gonna pay for laughing at miss crazy

I started walking back to the dinning and by that time their laughter had died down

“Good morning Dad”I said sitting on the dinning

“Good morning Miss Crazy”he answered sipping from his coffee

I smiled at dad because he just got free from his punishment because he called me Miss Crazy

I picked my tea cup and sipped from it ignoring stares and chuckles from my mom

She won’t know what hits her soon

I know you might think I don’t love my love but I do love her like real crazy but she do gets cranky at times so I give it to her crazy.

She was about dropping her cup of tea when I purposely hit the table spilling the tea on her dress

Mission accomplished
I did a mental victory dance

“Am so sorry mom, didn’t mean to spill your tea”I said battling my eyelashes like a kid

“Tasha you just ruined two dresses in one day. What’s wrong with you? “She said

Here goes the cranky mom

“Am sorry mom”I said hugging her removing the hair band on her hair

“Tasha what are you doing”she asked

“Got to go mom see you later”I said running off

As soon as I got outside I packed my hair with mom’s hair band and smiled satisfactory at my new look

To be continued
How was it guys
Give me massive comments if you love it😍😍
As for me Tasha’s craziness is a bae πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›πŸ€”
Authoress Prechy β€οΈπŸ“Œ

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