March 6, 2021


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Best Friend’s Lust Episode 22

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💦🍆Best Friend’s Lust🍆💦

🤰💔(Her best friend raped her)💔🤰

Written by Uche Lawrence✍️

💔Chapter 22💔

Kira’s pov

“You haven’t learnt your lesson, right? I will teach you again.” I growled and dragged her to the floor.

I sat on her and slapped her hard on the face. She still have the mouth to pour out rubbish on me.

“Kira, stop. We are in the office.” Daniel tried to stop me but I glared at him.

“Stay away.” I fired at him.

“You,” I turned to Nina and grabbed her hair. “You don’t talk to me that way. I might be raped but you don’t treat me like trash! I’m far off better than you.” I tore her dress one more time till her boobs were showing.
“Should I just disgrace you in front of everyone? Should I?”

“You should know that you’re going to regret it.” She gritted and tried to push me away from her but I was strong enough to keep her hands away.

“You’d be the one to regret it. Stop jumping into what doesn’t concerns you. I told you not to show your face to me again. But hell! You did. What the f*ck is wrong with you? You bitch!” I gritted my teeth hard and yanked her hair.

I got up from her and pushed her outside the office. Then, to the reception. She fell on the floor there, I left her.

“Kira, what you did was quite unacceptable” Daniel said softly.

“Daniel, stay out of this. You’re close to her right? Tell her to stay away from me. No one should dare me!” I stated, angrily and sat down on the chair. “You all always find a way ruin my day.” I added.

“I’m sorry.” Daniel apologized.

“I know. Next time, I won’t tolerate more rubbish from her. I can beat her to stupor. She will land in coma if she humiliate me again.” I half yelled.

“Kira, calm down, will you? I’m sure she will learn her lesson soon. Get ready for the meeting with the Tanner’s. It’s almost ten.” He sighed and left the office.

Finally, I can have my privacy.

Nina’s pov

“She’s half naked”

“C’mon! She looks hot. Those bo*bs are so lush”

The people right in the reception were whispering into each other’s ears and I felt more than embarrassed.

Being half naked in the reception. Gosh! Kira will pay for this.How dare she disgrace me in public.

I quickly balance on my feet and ran out of the company. While trying to cover my chest, I boarded a cab home.

You will regret this, Kira. I seethed when I got to my room. Gosh! Today’s the worst day of my life.

Kira’s pov

The meeting with the Tanner was boring and I couldn’t help but pray for the damn meeting to end. Daniel had been stealing glance at me but I’d give him an eye roll before looking away.

Not only is he giving me glance but Tanner too. That’s one of thought reasons I want the meeting to end.

Shortly, it ended and I quickly took my file and pen. Then, I walked out of the room. I got to my office and sat down on the chair.

Soon, I heard a knock on the door and someone entered. It was Tanner.

I’m not surprised.

“Hey!” He said lowly.

“Good morning.” I replied.

“You’re Kira right? Daniel’s P.A”

“Yes, I am. Do you need anything?” I answered, trying not to hold his gaze.

“No, no, I just wanted to check on you before going. Bye, anyway.” He waved and left my office.

Set of perverts around. Another one has joined them.

I got to the twins’ school to pick them up.

“Ma’am?” Their teacher stopped me half way.

“Yes?” I turned to her.

“Hmm……you should get the kids new uniforms before Friday. Which is going to be the competition they’d be going outside the state.” The teacher concluded.

“Why don’t you people get them the uniforms since you know they are the best. You should give them your best too. You and the head of the school knew my children won’t disappoint you in the competition.

Get them a school uniform to put on that day, then you can remove it when they are through. You can keep them for me. When I have enough money, I can buy it.

Anyway, that will be later. I will get the remaining school fees of the kids before you strangle me to death cause of money. You should have named the school “We love money” Kiddies school.” I frowned at her and dragged the kids along.

“Mom, did someone upset you today?” Ryan asked but I shook my head.

“I’m fine.” Well, I’m not. I was supposed to say that but I can’t.

“Can we meet dad?” My daughter suddenly asked.

“No, he’s busy wherever he is. He won’t be coming home soon. Let’s go home.” I uttered and boarded a cab home.

My phone rang. Emily was calling.

“Baby! Are you at home?” Her voice was shaky.

“What’s it?” I creased.

“Bad news. Hmm……well, Daniel…..had an accident along the path leading to your home. He’s in the hospital now.” She broke the news and I stiffened.

Daniel had an accident? Oh my God! I shouldn’t care about him. But the children. Geez!

TBC………..A long one tonight. Good morning fans.

Story by Uche Lawrence.

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