March 6, 2021


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Always A Mistress, Never The Wife Episode 9 (Finale)

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Antonio. Antonio child, this woman… th-this woman is the one. Your mother. Your real mother, Antonio.” Her words trembled, and my mouth dropped open.
It can’t be. It certainly can’t be, my head spun and tears flowed freely onto my bosom.
“Grandma, I don’t get you. Y-you said my Mum and Dad were dead, didn’t you? How is she my mother then?” Antonio asked.
“I cannot forget that day, son. October, 1987.” She said, and my eyes widened.
I drew closer as memories of that day came crawling back. I shuddered, placing a hand on my mouth as I remembered the day I had placed my son in a basket and dropped him off on the doorstep of Saint John.
“Antonio?” I moved closer, my tears dropping nonstop. “Son -” I cried and embraced him.

“You were just a little baby. I was on my way home when I saw a young girl with a basket in her hand,” Antonio’s grandmother narrated. “At first, I didn’t know what she was carrying, but it seemed like she didn’t want to be followed.” She swallowed and looked at me, “I was eager to know what was contained in it, so I waited for her to leave, and then I went and saw the most beautiful baby sleeping peacefully in it.” She sniffed, “You were so young, my child, and I loved you at that moment. I had no child. So I carried you and raised you as my own, Antonio. I’m really sorry I lied to you, son. I’m really sorry.” She took his hand in his.
Antonio held onto her, “I have nothing against you, Grandma. You raised me well and I’m so glad I got to be with you.” He kissed her hand.
“Son -” I pulled closer, placing my hand on him, “I’m really sorry for everything, son. I’m sorry for not being there for you. I’m really sorry,” I cried uncontrollably.
“Mum, it’s okay. It’s fine. Please stop crying.” He smiled, embracing me. “All I want to know is where my father is. Who is he?”
His question came like a bombshell and my face grew pale. “Yes, child. Who is Antonio’s real father?”
“Mrs. Torres -” My voice hanged.
“I want to know him, Mum. Who is he?”
His question made my tears flow more and I wondered how I could tell him his father never knew anything about him. “I was only eighteen when I found out I was pregnant. I… I was so naive then, and your father… well, he… he never knew anything about it.”
A whole past memory was awaken and I couldn’t help but feel remorseful over everything that’s happened. I could see the pity in Mrs. Torres’ eyes and the eagerness in my child’s. He shouldn’t be having this kind of life. He shouldn’t be caught in the middle of his own mother’s seed. I’m so sorry, my child. I’m really sorry, I sulked inside, holding not a single drop of tears back. The truth has finally revealed itself. Nothing in this life is ever hidden.

Roland finally knew about Antonio, and he welcomed him wholeheartedly. He and Kathleen got married few months later, and as for me, I was really glad to have my long lost son back in my embrace…


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