February 26, 2021


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Always A Mistress, Never The Wife Episode 8

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I took a pair of handcuff from under my bed, binding the pair on him as I licked his face, down his belly, around his belly button, and onto his hard drive as his breathing came.
“Do you like it?” I grinned, going up again as I bit on his right lobe, running the tip of my tongue on it. I got off him, still leaving him in shackles as I sat down on one side of the bed, spreading my legs apart and began playing with myself, as he watched with lust burning in his eyes – Some habit I used to torture my pets. “This will teach you never to get jealous,” I laughed loudly, letting him feel it, as I arched forward, squirting all over.
I looked up at him, raising my fingers to him as his eyes rolled and glistened more. I was starting to enjoy this and the fun was only beginning.
My life was taking a really crazy turn and I saw myself getting even crazier in my unending world. I really wished to stop, but when I stayed a day not having any man by my side, the cravings got worse. My best friend’s marriage was fast approaching and I couldn’t think of anything but how they would react if they ever found out the truth. I had no idea where my son was and I prayed and wished he’d still be alive wherever he was.
In the later month, I grew so ill. I thought it was some ordinary sickness, till I ran some test and it came out positive. I felt really drastic and my sadness grew to another level. I wandered aimlessly, searching for redemption and also distanced myself from everyone, including Bruce and all the men I had ever known. I locked myself up, weeping all day and night, remembering what my life has been like all this while. I felt true remorse and wished for nothing else than to have my son at my bosom, wishing the hands of time could be turned and my life be rewritten again… just before I leave this earth.
Antonio on the other hand, started visiting more, and I found myself getting used to his presence, and also missed him when he didn’t come. I never wanted him to know about my past and certainly didn’t want to drag him in alongside. He was too innocent for that and ought to be left that way. Bradley also got used to the idea of him visiting often and they became really close. I was starting to love the feeling of having them by side, owning to the fact they were the only ones I could really trust. His grams also was getting better, and a day came that I wished he’d bring her with him. He got really enthusiastic and I could tell so.


On the fourth day of August, a knock came upon the front door and I had Bradley help me with it. I walked downstairs slowly, glimpsing two people from a distance; a young lad and an elderly woman, as I walked towards them, wearing a pleasant smile. “Antonio,”
“Hi aunt,” He greeted with a kiss.
“Antonio?” The elderly woman gasped as she called.
“Oh, grandma. I want you to meet the woman I’ve been telling you about.” He led her forward.
“This is the woman?” Her eyes shone as she moved towards me.
“Um, welcome, Mrs. Antonio’s told me all about you.” I smiled nervously.
“OH. Oh, I must be dreaming now.” She shook her head, looking back at Antonio as tears dropped from her eyes.
I stood dazed, staring at her, as she clung to Antonio.

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