February 26, 2021


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Always A Mistress, Never The Wife Episode 5

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out, having no idea why I was doing that. For once Damian’s never gotten angry with me. I didn’t really take him as anyone special but what he said really hurt. “It’s over!” Those words kept on repeating in my ears. Maybe it’s really over, I gave a last thought, getting up as I made for the drawer. I took out a pair of little socks and ran my fingers on it. I thought about my baby and how he would be now, and at that moment, I wished for nothing more to see him. To have him in my arms and to care for him just like every mother would wish for. But this, this isn’t the life I wished for him to see. This life of regrets… this life that have yielded nothing. Oh, baby. How are you? Where are you now? Are you okay? Are you living well? I wondered and sobbed bitterly into the comfort of my pillow, still holding the socks to my bosom as I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up late at night, my stomach grumbling really hard, reminding me that I haven’t
had a thing since I got home. I was starting to feel really weary by it and I had no choice but to obey lest it continues.
I got up sluggishly, making towards the door as I pulled it open and walked out. I rolled my eyes around, realizing Bradley didn’t welcome me when I got back and I wondered where he was. “Bradley? Bradley -” I called, heading for his room.
I drew closer, hearing soft moans erupting from inside, getting me really hot. He’s got someone in there, I realized, and made a swift thought about whether to go inside, or rather just walk back to my room.
I positioned my hand on the door knob, hearing his grunts and the sound of the lady he had with him, as their voice flowed harmoniously, getting my insides hot more.
I swallowed hard, gripping the handle tighter as I tightened my legs, feeling the dampness of my pant against my closed laps, the hard notch in between roaring to life. I imagined myself being in the place of the lady inside, with his enormous popsicle driving in and out of me as I slowly parted my legs, raising my gown up to my knees and arched myself slightly, locating my glistening centre with my pointy. I thrust deeply into it, inserting my middle finger as I showed no mercy whilst rubbing my lips. I stood breathlessly, my thumb and middle finger working themselves out as I got no satisfaction doing, and so wanted to barge in and grab the sticking head into my mouth. I dug deeper and deeper, my inner walls receiving the whole of my knuckle and my moans getting louder, as I felt my juices rush out with full force, wetting my fingers. I


stood upright again, panting heavily, and trying not to lose balance as I walked back to my room, forgetting all about why I had come out before.
The following week was LA shorts fest and I was to meet up with a super hot movie director. I dressed to kill and applied everything I could do so he could find me pretty attractive. We had met at a hotel last week and made out countless times that day, before exchanging numbers and parting ways. And now, we were finally going to meet again.
It was really exciting thinking about him, and my excitement grew even more as the door bell rang loudly. “Bradley, please get the door.” I said, giving a final stare at the mirror.
I moistened the tip of my finger a little, and with, relaxed a stubborn hair on my right brow wanting to disgrace me, and was able to give it a finishing touch. I grinned at a job well done, admiring myself for the last time as I headed out, down the long stairs, and into the living room as Mr. Hot came in sight.
“Honey bun,” My voice rang excitedly as I cat walked towards him.
He was clothed in a flashy black suit, with a shades covering his eyes, as he graced my lips with a kiss. “Hi baby,”
“I’m so happy you came.” I blushed, staring admiringly.
“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” He laughed and gave my booty a naughty press.
I hit his hands playfully and he laughed, unclasping his hand. “Let’s go. They’ll be waiting for us.”
“They?” I looked at him.
“My friends. They’re all eager to see you,” He said to my surprise.
So he’s told them all about me, I gave my lips a gloss, turning to my house keeper. “Brad, do take care of the house while I’m gone, will you? And make sure you lock the

doors before heading out.” I instructed.

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