March 3, 2021


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Always A Mistress, Never The Wife Episode 4

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I wiggled the fan between my fingers and gave my shoulders a shrug, as I headed for his room.
I knew exactly where I was going, so I wasted no time finding it. I ran my palms together, turning the doorknob as the door creaked open.
“You didn’t tell me Lucinda was going to be around,” I folded my arms and eyed him.
“Come on, honey. She doesn’t say a word.” He said, and made towards me.
I still held my mouth in place, pretending not to be pleased. “I know. But… ugh! We should have gone to my house instead. Mm, baby.” I said coyly, and ran my fingers on the hair carved across his chest.
He gave a slight chuckle, moving behind me as the door got shut. I grinned naughtily, turning around as I wrapped my arms around him, his’ on my soft butt cheeks. I stifled a moan aching to break free as he sealed my lips with a French kiss.
He took my jacket off, and the rest of my clothes alongside, leaving me bare with just my undies as I was braless. He lifted me up in his arms, making for the bed as he placed me there, spreading my legs apart. He got in between them, running his closed lips on my inner thighs, onto the outside of my V-area as I gasped, tightening my lips. He took them away again, moving up my belly, his tongue circling my navel, as he went up again. I shut my eyes, letting the excitement and pleasure flush all over me as I felt the warmness of his mouth around my throbbing nipples. He sucked on it and circled his tongue on the under side and made for the other one. I was starting to enjoy this and I allowed him take the lead. He went about the foreplay, and in no time, got to the main business.
I tightened my legs around him, letting him passage into me as my moans filled the air. I dragged him deeper and deeper, and in no time, his creamy sweet came rushing into me as he came slumping.
“Hope you don’t mind?” He muttered breathlessly, and I smiled. “Certainly not,” I rolled on top of him.

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I could see his head still wanted more and I certainly didn’t want to starve it. I positioned myself on top of him, taking the six nine position as I began stroking it, while he ate me out.
I felt my head spinning and I began wiggling on top of him, his tongue digging deeper into my cunt. I took control of his head and began fulfilling his wishes, as we both orgasmed and came really hard again.
I was still not satisfied and I could feel my aching clit communicating to me. I obeyed instantly and we went on for another round, and more as the door swung open.
“Damian!” A feminine voice hollered.
An angry sigh eluded my lips and I went back to running my slick tongue on him. I heard her whimper and leave as I chuckled inwardly, stealing a glance at Damian whose eyes were glistening with fear. “You’re scared. Let me ease that out for you,” I smiled devilishly, moving down as he jerked up.
“Andrea, please,” He spoke, the sweetness in his voice vanishing.
“What?! Don’t tell me you got a mood swing just because your wife saw us -” I snapped.
“That’s the point, Andrea. I’ve lost the mood.” He sighed and pulled away.
I looked at him, not believing what he had just said as I pulled the mattress over my body. “Your wife’s such a party spoiler, you know,” I teased, and he glared at me.
“Can you even look at yourself? We’ve been going about this for years and you never for once thought about what truly would be the outcome if Christine ever found out! And now she does, what do you think will happen, huh? What do you think?” He flared and bit his bottom lip. “You know what, just leave -”
“Yes, Andrea. Leave! It’s over.” He yelled and out his shirt back on, walking out on me. I went home sad, got into my room, and tossed myself on the bed. I cried my hearts

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