February 27, 2021


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Always A Mistress, Never The Wife Episode 3

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I faked a smile and quickly dried my face, excusing myself. I made for the bathroom and placed my hand on the faucet as a sharp yell eluded my lips. I stared blankly for some minutes, sprinkling water on my face as I made to go out again. I shouldn’t be this way. I should be happy. I should be, I thought coyly, holding back my tears. You should have been the one with Roland, Andrea. Not Kate… not Kate!
I remembered that night Roland and I made love, with the softness of his voice ringing with enthusiasm in my ears. I’d thought of being with him, but wasn’t so sure of what I needed until the day I found out I was pregnant with his child. I was devastated, confused. I really wanted to tell him all about it,but how could someone so rich be able to love someone like me, I thought then. I had no option but to conceal the truth and never tell anyone about it.
“Hey. Are you okay?”
“Of course,” I gave her a smile. “I’m really happy for you, friend. You deserve the best.” I snivelled and embraced her.
After the day I had, I wished for nothing more but to be in bed, having someone to comfort me. I rolled from side to side, feeling pretty uncomfortable as I took up phone. Scrolled through the contacts contained in it, I caught sight of a name. I quickly dialed it and in no time, it rang.
“Andrea?” A voice spoke on the other end.
I licked my lips at the sound of his voice and caressed my legs. “Hi baby.”

“Andrea, what are you…?”
“I need you here, baby. I’m pretty lonely.” I found myself saying.
His voice rang with excitement and he told me his wife wasn’t home, stating that I could come instead.
I squeezed my face, remembering how his wife Christine almost caught us once, but luckily, I slipped out through the back before she could see me. I reminded him about that and insisted he came instead, but his offer stood.
“But baby, I want you in my bed… over here. You know how much I’ve missed you these past few months.” I pouted my lips.
He began saying all manner of sweet rosy things to me and I found myself agreeing to his words. We talked some more and before we ended the call, I’d already found myself wet underneath. A naughty thought crowded my mind as a blush coated my lips. I stuck a finger into my hole and felt my sticky glue encircle it in no time. Slipping it out again, I ran the moist on my lips, the smell and taste taking me to another level.
I swiftly got up and made toward the bathroom as I got inside, stripping down to my feet. I stepped inside the bathtub, letting the cold water trickle down on my body as its cool form sent tingling feelings on my erect nipples. I ran my fingers on them, giving them a slight tease as I began moving them down to my tum. I carried out this exercise for about ten minutes and began washing myself clean.
I got out after, got dressed without wasting time, and with a slight make-up and a leg chain dangling from my ankle, started heading out.
“Ring, ring,” came the doorbell, and in a rush, the door swung open, revealing the maid.
I frowned at the sight, staring at her with disgust, and stepped in. “Where’s your owner?”
“He’s up in his room, Madame.” She bowed her head.

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