March 3, 2021


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Always A Mistress, Never The Wife Episode 2

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My poor kitty was still craving for more, and I certainly didn’t want it to die of starvation. I nodded in affirmation and got up breathlessly, pulling my skirt down as I turned to Bradley. I found his pants already wet and an idea struck my mind. I made a sexy catwalk towards him, like some runway girl, and reaching for him, I ran my hands on the front, feeling the coolness as I got even crazier. I arched forward, locating his zipper as I pulled it down slowly. I dug my hand deeper into his boxershorts and brought out his 8-inches dick. I ran the tip of my finger on his bulging head and gave a spat at it, teasing it a little. I drew my head closer, moving my tongue up and down the shaft like a little kid licking an ice-cream cone,and finally took the whole in. I went about working and gagging for about fifteen minutes, as he came really hard into my mouth. I swallowed the whole up, leaving not a trace to be spilled.
I got up again, looking back at Ethan, as he watched naughtily. I cat walked back to him, my arse swinging in rhythm as I gave Bradley a final look, blowing a kiss at him and left for my bedroom…
The next day, I went about working at my brothel, giving satisfactions to whoever needed it, as the girls I recruited went about their various biz. I swam in countless oceans of lust and still yearned for more. Thirty-four years has passed and I still saw myself still not being satisfied from the throbbing pain I had for sex. I could take a thousand men in one day and still not stop. My life was becoming a living hell and when I saw myself trying to stop, I just couldn’t. The driving spirit of sex rode me on, and I obeyed it willingly, leaving young lads and old men at my mercy.
I had a best friend called Kathleen who wasn’t so different from me. We were simply partners, but her men were fewer compared to mine.
“Guess what,”
“What’s that, K?” I fixed my eyes on her. “Come on. Guess.
“You won a lottery?” I arched a brow.


“Gee. Take a look,” She raised her fingers in the air happily, “He finally did it.”
“No way -” I got up, feeling jealous inside. “Roland, proposed to you?” My eyes widened. I didn’t know what I was feeling at that moment but I had to be happy for her. “Gosh, I’m so happy for you. Aww,” A forceful smile got released at my embrace.
My countenance fell as memories of what happened twenty-some years ago came crowding my mind. My face grew pale instantly and a tear rolled down my cheeks.
“Babe, are you okay? Did I say something wrong?” She questioned, hearing my sniff.

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