March 3, 2021


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Always A Mistress, Never The Wife Episode 1-9

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Always a Mistress, never the Wife ? >>> I’m a slutty bitch
Smuts Erotica Extreme
. .
Genre Romance. Subgenre Erotic
She’s real bitchy Fucking horny Slutty bossy Smoking hot ;
She’s controlling Bing bang rolling Always sucking
Dripping wet
“Bradley? Bradley!”
“Y-yes, Mistress,” A boy of about twenty appeared in the living room.
His hands were shaking, as his eyes glistened and rolled
A seductive smile appeared on his Mistress’ lips as she rubbed her laps, slowly pulling her skirt up. “Do you know what I need, Bradley?”
“Y-yes, Mistress,” His voice cracked.

“Goody. Cause what I want now… is for you to eat me out like you’ve never had -” She gave a chuckle and trailed her fingers to her wetness, giving it a slight tease.
The poor boy gulped and walked towards her, getting on his knees, as a soft moan eluded the air at his touch. “That’s right, baby. Eat that out for Mama!”
My name’s Andrea Jefferson. I’m almost forty but still not married. I never wanted to be with any man in particular and I enjoyed the fact I was having fun being single. I was bitchy and had already slept with many men than I could count and still looked forward to doing more. My slutty life began when I was in highschool; the day some unknown guys raped me on my way home. And from that day, I swore never to value anything again, and my journey into the world of lust began !!
“Hey, hey. Look who started without me,”
I raised my head, and Bradley withdrew his head, making me shudder as my juices came gushing out. I threw a lustful look at his lips as it glistened with my squirt. Looking up breathlessly, a naughty grin broke out on the hot pink lips of our visitor and I returned the grin, bending forward as I ran my tongue on Bradley’s mouth, tasting myself on him.
“Want some?” I bit my bottom lip and beckoned to him to come.
Ethan Vanhel, like other men I had wrapped around my fingers, was one special pet of mine. He could go on for hours, rocking my world and still won’t stop. He was way older than Bradley and could do better as long as it came to satisfying a woman, especially me.
Bradley gave way for Ethan, and he took the same position as he did, while Bradley watched. I tightened my lubed legs around Ethan’s head as moans of ecstasy filled the surrounding space. I could tell if anyone was listening outside, he’d be able to hear us, but I couldn’t care less. I was enjoying the spurting sound and the warmth of Ethan’s lips on mine, and when he slipped his two fingers into me, and then another, a yelp broke out. I threw my head backwards, letting the rhythm flow as I shuddered, feeling my orgasm arouse as I came really fast.
“Say, honey. How about we go do this up in your room?” He licked them up greedily and

pulled his head away.

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