February 26, 2021


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Songs Of My Heart Season 2 Episode 25

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🎻🎻 Songs Of
My Heart πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
( You’re mine 🌹)

🍭Episode 25 🍭

Written By Summer Gold. W πŸ–Š
Rated πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž

πŸ‘’ Angel πŸ‘’

🚻 I knew it!!! 🚻

🚻 I love you angel!!! 🚻

I smiled and bowed my head,, I just can’t believe this. This is amazing,,

” Congratulations sis ” Vivian said and hugged me

” Thanks ” I replied

I was given a lot of gift by my new fans,,, I can’t believe I was given a cheque of 60 billions. I was given two cars and immediately,,, they showed me 4 guys telling me they will be my new guards,,,,

What do you need them for?? I rejected them,, there are numerous guards in Teddy’s house πŸ˜‚.

Vivian and the other girls was also rewarded,, everyone left happily.

” I’m so proud of my daughters ” I remember mom telling Vivian and I

” Anything for you mother ” Vivian said

” Yes mom,, we love you so much ” I said

She hugged the both of us,,


” You were,,, you know,,, amazing. I could not even keep my eyes off you,, where did you learn those dance steps?? ” Teddy asked as we step out of the car getting home

” I don’t know ” I strugged my shoulder causing us to laugh

” Am gonna take you ” be said and before I could talk, he carried me. I only smiled and wrap my arms around him.

We got upstairs and he dropped me,,

” Thank you ” I said trying to hide my blush

” I am just,, speechless. Am happy to have you as my girlfriend,, so proud of you ” he said and stroke my hair

I was expecting him to,,,, Angel what are you thinking?? You’re becoming naughty,,,

I moved closer to him and hugged him,,

” I Love you ” I said and unlock from the hug

” You know I love you more ” he smiled and kissed me,, just what I’ve been waiting for, why did he take so long??

I held him tightly to myself like he was going to run away,,,

His hand moving all over my body,,, I let out a slight moan between the kiss. Damn,, I can’t believe am so h**ny right now. Teddy, what have you done to me??

He unlock from the kiss and look into my eye,,

” Why did you stop?? ” I asked without thinking

” You don’t want me to stop?? ” he asked, I shook my head negatively and kissed him again.

The kiss became more intense,,, he started pulling off my dress slowly. I wanted to pull it off myself but I didn’t do that.

He finally took it off and unhook my b*a,,, he started s**king my br**st making me moan even harder. Why is my body suddenly becoming so active?? Does that mean am more mature now?

I was really enjoying the way he was s**king me hard,,, he took off my p**ties without taking his mouth from my br***t.

He suddenly dip in his two fingers at a time,,, I moan really loud that he have to kiss me to prevent the noise.

He started finger f**king me and I could do was moan in his mouth. Damn,,, he should just make love to me already. I can’t wait,,,,,,

He left me and took off his clothes,,,, am becoming more impatient that I have to help him take it off myself. He was kinda surprised,, I rolled my eyes and pulled him to myself.

” Are you Okay?? ” he asked still in shock,, I smiled and nodded.

We started kissing again for a minutes and then he stopped,,,,, he finally inserted his d**k into me,,,,, just what I’ve been waiting for…

” F**k ” I moan and bite my bottom lips

My hand playing with his ear,,,,

He was slow at first but later started th***ting faster than our usual s**.

” Oh yes ”

” Teddy ”

” Faster please ”

” Yeah ”

He kissed me again when my moan filled the whole room,,,

After some minutes he stopped,,,,, I don’t even want him to stop until he told me to turn my back to him. What?? I’ve actually read about that,, it’s called doggy style.

First time of doing that,, I turn my back to him with my two hands on the bed.

He started f**king me from the back again,, damn this feels so good. Teddy is really the best in everything,,,,

” Oh damn ”

” Go harder!! ”

Our panting filled the room like it’s something else,, thank God the room is sound proof.

After some time,, he finally stopped.

We both fell on the bed catching our breath,,, I kissed his lips before resting my head on his chest.
To be continued

Pls no one should call my name oooo πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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