February 26, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 9

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘😘



“You are such a cheap male slut! You are so cheap, Alberto! You have no shame!”
I yelled into his face.

” Don’t shout at me.” Albie warned and I laughed.

” Or what? Or what Albie! You know what?

That stupid slut is leaving tonight! ” I yelled into his face and stormed out.


I sat at the dinning, eating cereals when he came back from work.

I did not even look up talkless of greeting him.

He stood looking at me. I had to look up questioningly. “What?”

“You are starting to show me how evil you are. You can’t even greet someone you call your husband!” Alberto exclaimed.

” Really? You sure do know I’m crazy,right?

Now let me tell you this…. don’t talk to me! Go your way and I will go my way!

Don’t fucking get in my way!” I screamed at him and stood up with my plate of cereal.

” No prob! That’s actually a relief!” Albie screamed after me as I walked away.


☎️Mom,I’m sick and tired about everything about that crazy girl. She’s getting worst! I want a divorce.” I said into the phone in my room.

It’s been three days since Theresa left the house. Accident is just getting worst!

☎️Calm down,Albie. If that’s what you want,I’m gonna let you do it.”

My face brightened. ☎️Really,mom? Thanks do much for this. We really don’t need them stupid payment,mom. I’m rich now. I’m fucking rich now.” I said boldly.

Accident walked into the room a stood against the door glaring at me.

☎️I will call you back mom.” I said and hung up the call. ” So, what are you doing in my room?” I asked,glaring at her.

“Just to warn you of toying with my father. He’s mean and he’s gonna get back everything you guys took from him if you ever think of divorcing me!” She said and I laughed. ” It’s no problem, accident. I can pay up everything in six months.” I replied cruelly.

” Yeah. Six months. Until then… stat out of my way!” Accident yelled and walked out of the room.

I only shook my head and called Blair.


I got in front of the studio’s gate and dialled Alberto’s line again.

I looked around while the phone rang on.

I hope I’m in the right place.

The phone was finally picked up and I was relieved when I saw him rushing out from the glass doors.

“My man!” I laughed as we embraced.

“Oh my God,Liam Palmer! Look at you!” Alberto laughed as we disengaged.

” You are not looking bad yourself. Men..this place is beautiful.” I replied, looking around the place.

Alberto shrugged. ” So… where is your bag? Thought you said you will be staying for some days?”

” Yeah,they are in my car. Thanks so much for accommodating me on this business trip.

I hate lodging in hotels like the plague!” I said in exclamation.

Albie laughed. ” I’m done for the day so I guess I should take you straight home to relax and get ready for work tomorrow. Where are you holding your meeting?”

” It’s called the white wall.” I replied.

“Wow. It’s not far from Dunghills here. I’m gonna get my bag now. Just a minute.” Albie said and rushed off.

I inhaled deeply and looked around again with admiration.


I gave some instructions to my personal assistant before heading out.

Seeing Liam again after four years now was like seeing a lost brother.

He’s in New York for a business meeting and he’s asked me for accommodation for just few days.

Who am I to say no? We’ve been best friends since childhood with my big brother,Nick.

I couldn’t turn him down but one thing kept bothering me.

My crazy wife at home!πŸ™„


I glanced down the window with surprise when I heard his car halting.

Why the hell is he back early today?

Perhaps none of his little whores are available.


I saw him come down with someone else. A man.

I stared more closely and frowned. The guy is pulling out a medium seized luggage from the car’s trunk..

Really? What’s going on here!

Something crazy came into my mind. I laughed and ran into the kitchen.

I returned with a jar of oil and sprinkled some of it on the door entrance.

I wanna watch them fall against each other while I laugh them to scorn.

Why the hell will he bring home a stranger without informing me?

Who does that? I stood and watched the door open wide with the guys laughing behind it.

Albie was the first to come in. He was looking at me as he stepped on the oil.

He was gonna turn but he made a silly sound and slipped.

“Oh hubby,be careful! You are welcome!!”

” Shut the hell up! You are breaking your own rules! You said we may not speak to each other.” Albie yelled from the floor.

I only shrugged and stared at the strange guy waiting for his own fall.

The strange guy stood at the door and to my amazement,he looked intently at the floor.

Then he looked at me and laughed. What? Someone just detested my prank and laughed at me instead?

No way! It has never happened!

“What a wife you’ve got here,Albie! So lovely and lively!

Trust me,this is a romantic welcome!” The strange guy laughed at Albie who was still laying at the ground.

I blinked and blinked again severally.
Who is this guy?


I’m sorry guys for the late post…..I’ve been busy with somethings.

How do you see this Liam of a guy??πŸ˜‚

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