February 26, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 8

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘😘



I walked towards the path they took quietly.

There has to be something about that girl. She looks so suspicious and if my instincts turns out to be right, I’m gonna deal so much with her.

I jerked the door opened suddenly and looked in.

Two pair of innocent eyes stares back at me.

“You want anything?” She asked.

I sniffed the hair and stared around. “And where is that cheap cheat?” I asked.

He must be somewhere in the room!!

Theresa adjusted her top stylishly before looking at me.

“I don’t know what you are talking about ma’am. Your husband can’t be in my room. “She said in a hurry.

I smiled and nodded. ” How so sure of you sweetie.

But let me remind you of this… If you are here for something else, I will advise you leave already cos I’m gonna destroy you. ” I said wickedly.

Theresa gasped and looked at me.

I turned and left, humming to myself as I walked away.


God! That was a narrow escape!

I glued up against the wall behind the door, panting heavily but quiet.

I almost fainted when Accident didn’t come into the room.

Instead she left.

And I was still naked!

“Gosh!” Therea breathed and fell into bed. I hastily moved to the door and locked it up.

She must be somewhere close. Running out right now would be like committing suicide.

Now I’m stuck up in here!



I sighed tiredly as I stepped inside the darkened room.

I just returned from work and I couldn’t wait to take my bath eat dinner and maybe sneak up on Theresa in her room.

I looked at the time. It was already eleven PM.

Accident should be asleep now.

Not wanting to make any noise that might wake her up, I tiptoed toward her room and gently opened the door.

I peered in and smiled happily.

Yes! Sleeping already!

I walked back and made for the restroom. I had my bath and changed into something else.

I tiptoed back to the passage and headed straight to Theresa’s room.

I licked my lips cos I can’t wait to have some show with her.

As usual,her door was unlocked.

I just slipped in and smiled when I saw her laying on the bed,her back against me.

“You missed me baby?” I drawled and flung my clothes away.

Theresa didn’t turn to look at me.


Is she already sleeping?

I walked to the bed and jumped in. “Tessy,hope that accident of a wife didn’t make you work too hard?” I asked, kissing her neck and fondling her breast from behind.

“Come on babe…..I’m just too much in mood and I need us to screw right now ” I probed on.

Theresa stirred and turned.

I smiled and it quickly disappeared when her face came into full view.

I yelled out and rolled out of bed.

I moved back on the floor with a look of horror and perplexity on my face!

Sitting in the bed and grinning at me is accident!

“How did you…!” I stammered.

Then who the hell did I just saw in her bed!


How the hell did she get her to play long?

Now I’m doomed…… something terrible awaits me.


Get ready guys.

Someone else is coming into the picture!

He’s Mirabella’s hero and her teacher.

He’s someone who’s gonna make Alberto jealous to the point of committing suicide!!😂😂

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