March 3, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 6

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘😘



I gasped and covered my mouth cos right now, Albie has fainted on the floor.

What’s the big deal in being tossed with an innocent pad?🀷

“Albie!” I knelt beside him and raised my fist in the air then brought it down on his face.

“Ahhhh!!” Albie screamed and I smiled.

“Now you are back! Can you get me another please?”


I was at the verge of tears when I sat up and knelt in front of accident. The punch she gave me already was making me didzy but the thought of going back to the grocery store was overwhelming.

“Accident please! Just let me go. I’ve got work to do at the studio!”

I waved him off. ” Oh don’t give me that shit. I know where you are headed. To all those shameless pussy abusers hun?” She smirked and shook her head.

I just had to faint back again.


It’s so good to go out shopping on a spring evening.

I hummed happily as I moved my shopping bags into the house.

I was so excited.

Mr Jack already brought a beach house for my son and his about to wife for their honey moon!


My eyes popped open when I git into Albie’s room. What the hell is he doing at home when he’s supposed to be at work… at least he told me so.

“Albie? Are you alright?”

“I’m sick mom…of accident.” Albie countered.

I rolled my eyes. ” Stop being childish,Albie and hear this!

You are gonna be so happy. Mr Jack bought a beach house for you guys at Nestle Bridge! It is so magnificent!” I sang dreamily.

Albie sighed and i shook my head, disgusted. “Aren’t you even a bit excited? Our lives are changing for the better,moron!”

” I can buy a beach house mom! I’m a goddamn boss now!” Albie yelled.

I sneered and danced to the door. ” Where is my sweet daughter in law? Mira honey!!”


I almost laughed at that.

Sweet what?

What is sweet about someone who could shave off your front hair?

What is sweet about someone who could design your face with a smelly pad!

Once mom got out,I tiptoed to the door and locked it up.

Tightly shut!!

The next morning,I woke up as early as possible just to avoid accident and leave the house in peace.

Feeling so thankful that she’s still asleep in her room,I hastily dressed up.

I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee when I saw mom already in the kitchen making breakfast.

“You are up early son.” Mom said.

I stood watching her. Then I nodded. ” I’m trying to avoid Mirabella. She stopped me from going to work last night.” I sighed.

” I hope you guys are getting ready to move into the beach house. ” Mom said and I looked at her with horror.

” Mom! You really think I’m gonna marry that dangerous girl? Come on mom!” I gasped.

To my surprise, mom broke into tears. I softened immediately.

“I’m sorry I shouted.” I murmured.

“Albie, you know how I’ve suffered to raise you and your brother Nick who’s still in Canada, studying?

I raised you guys single handedly with no one’s help after your daddy died of partial stroke! It hasn’t been easy!

I had to work as a sales lady in all of the grocery stores in New York!

I deserve something in return and I’m begging you to do this for me!

Three hundred thousand dollars! Isn’t that enough for you to endure all this and marry that girl for me!

Help her change, Alberto! Try loving her…. Try seeing past the crazy Mirabella!

She’s so beautiful and composed while sleeping. Why not try and bring her closer? You can help her change, Alberto!” Mom cried.

I ran towards her and hugged her with tears. I felt bed I made mom cry.

She seldom cry. She’s a jolly and funny fellow.

“I’m sorry mom.” I mumbled and pecked her hair.

Later at work, I sat down after breakfast and reminisced on what mom said.

Can I really help Mirabella change?

How? Where do I start from?

Can I really fall in love with her? No way! Not with what she’s made me go through!

Just to please mom, I decided to get married to Mirabella and move into the beach house but never am I gonna get her pregnant.

Noway! Once mom is done having all the money she needs from that man Mr Jack.. I’m gonna divorce her then.

So I camt afford to get her pregnant. I can always get Blair or anyone else apart from accident, for my sexual needs.

That done,I picked up my phone and dialled mom’s line.

☎️Hello mom,yes. I’m ready for a wedding.”


I dumped the numerous bags of shopped items on the nearest basket chair.

I sighed tiredly and sat down catching my breath.

I’ve been out since morning, buying stuffs needed at the house.

It’s four PM and I’ve not had anything to eat.

It’s two days since our simple wedding at St Marks church.

And for that two days, accident hasn’t been up to something crazy at all. Well, maybe she’s changing for the worst. Who knows?

I hope she already made some food cos I’m seriously starving!

I stood up just as she can into the front room.

Accident smiled on seeing me. “Oh hubby! You are home!”

I smiled stiffly. ” Yeah! And I’m starving. I hope you made lunch?” I asked.

“Oh sure! Come on to the dinning,hubby! Lunch is waiting for you!” Accident winked and took my hand then ran off with me.

How the hell does she get to run to run like that!

Anyways it helped cos I got to the dinning room in no time.

But when I looked down at the table…my mouth went hanging.

Father Lord!😭

What the hell is this!!
“Come on honey! You wouldn’t want it to melt!”

Seated on the table is a cup of ice cream!!


Alberto is just getting started!! πŸ˜‚

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