March 3, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 5

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘😘



“Why are you suddenly wearing a cap? Even on the bed?” Blair asked as she dressed.

She wouldn’t understand.

” Hurry up Blair. My mom will be home anytime from now. ” I said, checking the time. It was quarter past 5 already.

Blair scoffed. “Are you really expecting your mom or you just wanna get rid of me for some hot babe? ” Blair threw at me.

I shrugged impatiently. “Just leave already.” I said and just then, I remembered accident.

Hope she’s still sleeping?

Blair took up her bag while I tossed her some cash. She winked at me and walked to the door.

I watched her pulled the door. Nothing happened.

Blair turned back to look at me. “Did you locked up the door?” She asked and pulled again.

I rolled my eyes and came down from the bed then walked towards her.

I pulled the door with both hands but it remained close.

What’s happening here?

I pulled again and it still wouldn’t open.

Oh my God.. hope it’s not what I’m thinking! 😭

“Mirabella!! Mirabella?” I yelled angrily and heard her chuckled outside. I immediately developed an headache.

What am I gonna tell Mom if she should see Blair in my room!

“Enjoyed the s3x BF?” Mirabella sand outside the door.

“Who the hell is that?” Blair asked irritated.

I ignored her. What am I gonna do now! Should I just break down the goddamn door.

No I can’t!

“Mirabella…. Open this door!”

“Really? Are you commanding me right now? “She squealed from outside.

I inhaled deeply and realized I would have to beg for the first time!

“Okay! Just please open the door! I’m gonna do anything!”


“Yes, anything! ”

Then I heard her laugh.

I toyed with the key on my fingers and hummed loudly.

What pleasant offer. He said he had do anything for me to open the door!

“I know you don’t want your mom to meet you in there with that slut?” I asked.

” Open up already!!” Albie said stiffly.

I laughed again. ” Are you really gonna do anything, hubby?”


“What should I do to you if you break the promise? Oh no… No need to ask. I’m just gonna play this record for your mom! ”

” Im gonna do anything! ” Albie yelled

I moved to the door and inserted the key into the key hole and soon the door swung opened.

Albie grabbed Blair’s hand and rushed out while I laughed.. “Remember! You had do anything!!” I yelled after him.



After the narrow escape in the evening, I was getting ready for my night work when Accident came into my room.

I sighed. What really does she want this time around!

She already gave me so much headaches already just because of stupid promise I made.

Now she’s here again.

“Albie?” She called sweetly.

Oh no. This is not good.

” Accident, I’m going to work. Just see mom for anything…”

“Mom isn’t around and besides it’s you I want. ”

I dropped my jacket on the bed and turned to look at her. “So what now?”

“My menstrual circle is here and I’m gonna be needing a pad? ”

” What!! ” I half yelled.

She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her waist. “You heard me. And you gotta do it or else…. You Know what?”

Okay! This is it! Somebody shoot me! 😭

” Fine fine! I will get it!” I groaned and ran out of the room.

In the next minute, I was already at the grocery store buying pads!

The lady at the counter winked at me. “you’re a sweet husband you know!”

Can a woman ever keep shut?

I snatched the plastic bag containing pads and payed before rushing back to the house.

“Ouch…. My stomach hurts. Can you please get me aspirin? “She whined like a baby.

I almost flung the pads in the air and walk off but I knew that would be a fatal mistake.

I willed myself all the control I needed and got the goddamn aspirin.

“Take me to the restroom. I need to use the pad and oh please bring my nightie along. ”

I tightened my wrist and groaned angrily inside me. I took her to the rest room and dumped the pad on her hand.

“Can I go now!” I asked.

“Oh no wait. You will have to take me back.”

“I almost collapsed on the floor.

While I stood outside the door, she fixed the pad on herself.

I made sure I couldn’t see her cos I don’t wanna get aroused… Not with her!

She screamed suddenly. I jerked the door opened to know what happened.

And here is what happened.

“How could you buy me a fake scratchy pad!” She cried and to my horror, I watched her dip her hand between her legs and pulled out the pad which already had bloodstains on it.

And what did accident do with it?

She flung the bloody smelly pad across me and it landed straight into my face!


Alberto really have enter one chance! πŸ˜‚

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