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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 19 (Final episode)

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘😘


πŸ’{Last Episode}πŸ’


“Where is she? Where is Mirabella?”I asked as soon as I saw the bitch approaching.

Why do I have this feeling she has done something terrible to Mirabella?

“What the hell are you talking about, Albie? Why would you attach me with having someone abducted in my house! ” She gasped

I closed my eyes, trying the control myself. ” Blair…. Please, I’m begging you… I don’t want any trouble. Where is Mirabella? ” I asked again.

She smiled and started walking towards me.

πŸ’ BLAIR πŸ’

I got in front of him and stopped. “Look, I know we had some misunderstanding but I can’t do that!

Why would I harm Mirabella? Maybe you should check well. You wouldn’t know if she has a lover… ”

Albie held my neck and I screamed.

He tightened his grip around my neck and I began pleading and couching loudly.

“Don’t you ever in your life talk to my wife like that you little devil! ” Albie yelled at me and pushed me backward.

I screamed and fell against a couch. I held my neck, groaning. I glared at Albie angrily. “You wanna kill me all because of that… ” I stopped and stood up.

“You will never find her!”, I screamed at him.

Albie glared furiously at me. He turned around and started walking into the hallway leading to the other rooms..
I was alarmed. “Mirabella! Mirabella!!” He yelled as we went.

I ran forward and held him tightly. “I love you! Can’t you see? We’ve together for years! I won’t allow that bitch come between us! ” I cried and hugged him from the back.

Albie stopped and turned around to look at me. ” It’s time you let me go, Blair. I’m in love with someone else. ” He said as tears rushed down my face. Surely I will have to kill that bitch.

I shook my head and hugged him more tightly. “No! You can’t be in love with someone else!” I cried and held him very tightly. He couldn’t move… He stood there with me as I held on to him.


Finally the ropes loosened up and I rushed forward to the door .

The guy who was still groaning on the ground suddenly reached forward and held my leg.

“Let me go!” I screamed and looked around. There was a large vast flower by the door.

I grabbed it with both hands and smashed his head with it.

He passed out immediately.

Luckily the door was opened. I grabbed the door knob and spranged out.

On getting to the entrance, I sighted something so hurting.

Albie? Hugging Blair?

I stood behind them and stared on. Is this what he’s here for?

Fast tears rushed down my face as I stared on.

I turned around and was about to run back into the room when I heard Blair scream.

I turned sharply around again and saw her on the floor, crying.

I looked at Albie…. My mouth opened with excitement.

“Don’t you ever… and ever come close to me again. I’m in love with someone else and the better you register that into your head… The better for you. ” I heard Albie said and almost collapsed with excitement.

Blair sighted me and cried the more.

Albie turned and stopped on seeing me. “Mirabella!!” He cried out and ran forward.

At that moment, the love I had for him heightened and lengthened!

I couldn’t wait for him to get to him. I ran forward too and we met midway then hugged so tightly I almost melted into him. “Oh Albie… I love you!” I cried.

“I’m sorry Mirabella… I’m sorry!” Albie cried back and pecked my hair.

Blair cried out and we both looked at her. “Albie is mine! You are mine not hers!”

“This madness has got to end here. You’ve committed a great crime and you are gonna suffer for it. It’s a pity you don’t know who I am and who my father is! You are gonna rot in jail for this! ” I yelled at her.

” Albie, hand me your phone. ” I said and took the phone from Albie who offered it willingly.

“No! You can’t do this to me, Albie!”

I dialled a number and it was picked up immediately. “This is Mirabella McMinnville. Am I speaking to Mr Jack’s PA?” I said into the phone.

” Good… Yeah. I’ve got some criminals ready for you guys. I will send you the address as soon as this call is over. Good. ” I said and cut the line. ” You and that animal in there will have a nice time at the station. ” I said to Blair who had tears all over her face .

” If you think I’m gonna say please to you then you are dreaming! “, She yelled at me and I smiled.

” Don’t even bother yourself saying it cos it aren’t gonna work. ” I told her.

Fee minutes later after sending theal address, some police men arrived and took Blair and her worker away.

At last, Albie and I were left alone.

I looked into his eyes and smiled. “Words can’t express how much I love you right now… Thank you for making me feel loved. ” I said softly.
Albie reached forward and claimed my lips with his mouth for a response.

And we had one of the best kiss ever.




Albie and Mirabella got married two months later.

Being the daughter of a billionaire, the party was a memorable one.

Mirabella’s dad, since he had no son made Alberto his successor.

He became more wealthy and famous.

Mirabella had the best of time as her love for Alberto grew more stronger by each passing day.

And as for Blair, she was released after signing an undertaking not to go close anywhere near the couple.

After coming out of the cell, she left the country.

Mirabella took in months later and gave birth to to her first baby girl whom they named Jackie.

The cute family became the envious of all.

And together, they lived in peace and harmony and also lived like an example to other families.


How was the story??

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This fiction is brought to you by AUTHORESS Sylvia Adaobi Peter!!

Love you guys!

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