February 26, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 18

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘😘


πŸ’ BLAIR πŸ’

The next morning as soon as I woke up,I dialled a number on my phone.

It was picked up immediately.

πŸ“²Are you there,Smart?” I asked once the line was connected.

πŸ“²Yeah,this is Smart on the line. It’s been like ages, Blair.”

πŸ“²There is no time for pleasantries,Smart. I’ve got ba job for you.” I said in a hurry.

πŸ“²Wow. I hope it’s a big and one?”

πŸ“²It’s a kidnap job. I want you to get someone kidnapped for me.”

πŸ“²It’s nothing but I hope you know my price “Smart asked and I smiled evilly.

I will pay any price just to get that Butch out of the way.


The wedding day was fixed.

When mom and Mirabella’s parents heard about the news, they were happy.

Everyone was.

A week later, I returned home to an empty house.

” Mirabella?” I called but no one answered.

I searched the house but Mirabella wasn’t in sight.


She would never leave the house without pinning a note at the board.

I shrugged. Maybe she forgot to do so this time around.

I walked into the bedroom and took my bath before proceeding to the kitchen to get myself something to eat.

An hour later after having dinner,I checked the time.

It was already eight PM and Mirabella was yet to be back.

I was beginning to feel restless. Mirabella would never stat out this long.

I picked up my phone and dialled her line only to hear it ringing from the bedroom.

I sighed. She even left without her phone?

I decided to call mom maybe she went to visit but no,she wasn’t there either.

Where in the world is she?

She couldn’t have gone to see her parents cos they were out of the country.

I paced about and stared continuously at the clock.

Two hours later, I could no longer sit back and wait.

Mirabella was yet to be back. Then,I knew something was wrong somewhere.

Picking up my car keys,I left the house.


I coughed and opened my eyes to see myself tied around against a chair.

I was sitting down with my hands and legs tied tightly.

“Where am I? Somebody help me!” I screamed but my echoes bounced back at me.

The door opened and a woman came in. She switched on the light and I gasped on seeing her face!

“You? How dare you do this to me!” I yelled at her.

Blair laughed as she approached me. Does she even Know who she is dealing with?

“Sorry sugar. I must have crossed my boundary right?

Well,you did that first by taking my man away from me!” Blair yelled back.

I laughed and struggled with the ropes. ” I won’t forgive you for this Blair….I won’t!” I screamed at her.

She clapped and winked. ” Well,let’s see about that.

You wouldn’t need to forgive me cos you are gonna die right here in this room.” Blair replied as I looked dangerously at her.

“You think killing me is gonna make Alberto love you? You are such a talented joker!” I shouted at her.

Blair moved towards me and slapped me twice in the face. “Shut the hell up!” She screamed at me.

I gasped and continued struggling with the ropes.

Only if these ropes can get off,then I will show this bitch how crazy I am.

πŸ’ BLAIR πŸ’

I felt very happy to finally get to do this.

Now I have my rival in front of me and tied up too.

All thanks to Smart who made all this happen.

I brought a chair forward and sat in front of the hard breathing wrench.

“There is nothing you can do honey. You are tied up and will be tied up till you will be killed. Albie and I have come a long way and I can’t lose him to a bitch like you. ” I said mockingly.

She spat into my face and I gasped.” Bitch! ” She yelled at me.

I gave her another thunderous slap. “Do that again and watch me design you with my hands! “I yelled at her.

Just then the door opened and Smart came in. “A guy is here to see you. Alberto.”

Smart said and I turned to look at Mirabella with a triumphant look.

“See? He’s here at the slightest opportunity.

He couldn’t find you at home so he’s here to chill with me, his real woman! ” I says into her face.

Mirabella smiled instead. “He’s a changed person now, slut. ”

“Hmm. We shall see about that. In case you try screaming, don’t bother yourself my dear.

This room has got sound proof and not even someone so close to the door will hear you.

Have fun. Keep an eye on her Smart ” I said and laughed before walking off.


I struggled harder with the ropes and finally, it began to loosen up.

I was very careful not to let my excitement show. The guy inside the room with me was busy with his phone.

I used the little opportunity to struggle more harder.

The rope tied around my legs snapped just as the guy looked up and our eyes met.

As much as I wanted to be calm…. I couldn’t hide my anxiousness.

Did he noticed the loosed rope?

I couldn’t tell but he had began to walk towards me.

Oh my God.. he found out. What do I do?

As soon as he stepped closer to me, an idea came into my mind.

With all the strength in me, I pulled back my foot and raised it up in a powerful kick straight between his legs.

He groaned with his eyes turning. He staggered around and fell in a heap beside me.

Yes! Yes! I jubilated within me and started working with the ropes around my body.


Crazy people will always come out of trouble!

So, what is Albie doing in Blair’s house??

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