March 3, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 16

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘😘



I smiled seductively as I served him.

Albie had a shocked expression on his face as he gently scooped up a spoonful of the soup in his mouth.

“Wow!” He exclaimed and smiled at me.

I smiled back. “You like it?” I asked.

“What is the occasion? Earlier… You were mad at me…”

“I’m trying to give us a chance Albie. I hope you don’t fuck it up. ” I said quietly.

Albie looked at me. ” Never knew you could be this sweet. Is this for real?” He asked softly and I nodded.

πŸ‘…πŸ‘…TWO DAYS ON…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…


I woke up and turned just to look into the beautiful face of my new found wife.

The past two days has been wonderful with Mirabella being the best wife ever but yet…we were yet to go intimate.

I don’t really know what’s keeping me from touching her.

Am I scared that you would reject me? No…I can’t be scared of a woman who is my wife?
This past few days,I’ve tried to hard to ignore Blair’s calls but it was getting impossible.

I wish Mirabella would equally share her sex life with me.

She stared and opened her eyes. “Hmm…. morning darling.” She beamed.

I smiled and tucked some strand of hair behind her ear. “You are beautiful dear even in the morning.”

“Aww… really?” Mirabella said sweetly and we laughed.

Later,we were seated at the dinning with Liam.

“Wow! I’m so happy at this re union!” Liam said happily.

Mirabella and I looked at each other and smiled. Just then,my phone began to ring.

I looked at the caller and cleared my throat. It was Blair calling again.

I knew Mirabella was looking at me and I dare not pick it up in front of her. I quickly cut the call.

I looked at Mirabella and she looked away. “It’s her right?” Mirabella asked.

“Oh no! It’s one of my staff at work. I think I should start going. I’m gonna have such a busy day today.” I said and stood up.

” Liam man ..I’m off. Are you going to out today?” I added.

“Oh yeah. Based on my schedule,I am to meet with the men from Hong Kong this morning then by next Saturday,I will be going back.” Liam replied.

” Oh! It will be sad to see you go,Liam. Thanks so much for everything.” Mirabella said emotionally.

” Thanks man. I’m proud to have a friend like you.” I said and hugged him as he stood up.

” It’s nothing man. You might be late for work.” Liam said and I nodded.

I walked over to Mirabella and kissed her hair. “I will be off now.”

“Okay and please be home on time…I’ve got a surprise for you tonight.” Mirabella said.

I dimmed my eyes and nodded before heading out of the house,really so happy at the turn of events.

Later that night…….

“Yeah, honey..I’m coming home on thirty minutes.” I said into the phone.

πŸ“²I’m waiting Albie.πŸ“²” Mirabella replied.

I smiled and picked up something from the table before responding. πŸ“²Yeah…. I will be right in timeπŸ“²”

The call ended and almost immediately, Blair’s call came through.

I breathed in and decided to pick it up.

πŸ“² Blair…I told you…πŸ“²

πŸ“²Told you what, Albie!πŸ“² She interrupted me and I sighed.

πŸ“²I’m married,Blair what do you want!πŸ“²

πŸ“²I wanna see you. It’s so important…even if it’s just this once…πŸ“²

Blair said pleadingly and I obliged. Just this once and no more.

I’m gonna rush off to her place and end things with her.

With this in my mind,I headed outside.


I got to her place and entered the darkened room.

I had to turn off the light before I suddenly noticed someone completely nude in front of me.

Blair…! I moved back but she rushed behind me and locked the door.

“What are you doing!” He exclaimed.

“Showing you how much I love you! I need you,Albie! I’ve missed you! Tell me you don’t miss my juicy body!” Blair said and grabbed me to herself.

I was immediately aroused. The control I’ve been trying to have bursted out and fixed my mouth with hers.

Hungrily we kissed all the way to her bed. Like a crazy man,I pulled off my clothes and went down the bed with her…..


I called his line again but he wasn’t picking.

I was feeling so restless and bittered.

Where else would he be if not with Blair?

Angry tears sprang out of my eyes as I stared at the decorated table with lovely love cards.

Here is my surprise but he was no where to be found!

I called his line again but no one picked up.

I cried out angrily and flung the contents on the table away. I broke the damn champagnes and tore all the cards.

Crazily,I destroyed everything before running into the bedroom and wept my heart out.



I woke up to someone kissing me all over my body.

I jumped up and glare at the time.

“Shit!, Oh no!, Oh no!” I gasped and started dressing.

“Don’t tell me you are going home to that bitch…” Blair started.

I turned to look at her angrily. ” She’s my wife! Don’t you ever call her that and anything we had between us is over! Goodbye, Blair!” I shouted at her and stormed out.

Her laughter followed me out. “You’re joking, Albie honey!!”

I ran to my car, entered and zoomed off with my heart bleeding.

How could I do this again! How could I hurt Mirabella after everything she’s done just to give us a chance!

Oh God….

I got home and found the whole house in a mess….

I walked into the bedroom feeling so guilty and saw her sobbing at the corner of the bed.

“Don’t come near me!” She cried.

“I’m sorry!” I cried back.

” No! Go back to your girlfriend. It’s obvious she’s the one you love! Why are you doing this? After everything you’ve done.. after all the hurt you caused me I still chose to remain with you!” Mirabella cried.

I stared at her with confusion all over my face. “Why? Why did you to remain with me?” I asked.

” Because.. because…I’ve fallen in love with you…it’s because I love you!” Mirabella cried.

I stared unbelievable at her. I dropped on my knees in front of her and for the first time,I held her waste and encircled her with my arms.

I stared into her eyes. “Say it again….I wanna hear it again.” I said huskily.

“I love you.. Alberto..I love you…”

I couldn’t wait to hear it all. For the first time…. I tilted her head up and our lips met in a passionate kiss.

Slowly…I pushed her into bed and I went down with her in a hot romance.


Aww……. finally!!!

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