February 26, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 15

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘😘



“What has come over you, Bella! You’ve just disrupted my party! ” Dad raved madly.

We were back home and though I was feeling bad, it felt good to be home again.

I closed my eyes and opened them. “I’m sorry dad… I’m sorry I ruined your night dad.

But that bitch caused it. How dare her flirt with my man on my dad’s day… ”

” Shut up that hole, Bella. ” Mom cut me short as she came into the large living room.

I rolled my eyes. Here we go again! πŸ™Ž

“What didn’t you inform anyone about it! It was totally wrong for you to destroy that innocent cake, Bella.

Must you be this crazy all the time?” Mom yelled.

I glanced at her with my watery eyes. “Why am I the one getting all the blames! What of Albie?

Why would he kiss a another woman during my dad’s birthday! It’s totally unacceptable! ” I exploded.

Dad and mom blinked at me. They glared at each other and looked back at me.

“Bella dear…. Is this one of your crazy antics or are you jealous? ” Mom asked quietly.

” Our daughter is in love!” Dad exclaimed.

“No! I’m not! I’m only mad cos he didn’t respect daddy!” I protested.

Dad and mom laughed and I groaned. What are they talking about! Why would I fall in love with that cheap cheat?

“No dear. You can only be this jealous when you love somebody.” Mom said and walked up to me.

She gave me a bear hug. “I think it’s high time you settle down and make this marriage work, Bella. You can.”

” No mom… I can’t! He hates my gut.” I wailed and wept loudly.


” I’m highly disappointed, Alberto! For heaven’s sake you are married! ” Mom shouted angrily.

She took me all the way home to tongue lash me.

“Married? Oh of course yes… Married to a pysco.” I said with my hands in the air.

“She’s not a pysco! She only needs corrections and you have failed to do that! ” Mom responded.

” Look mom. I’m not having this conversation.

I’m heading back home.
Thanks be to your crazy daughter in law… She already ruined the night.

I’ve got lots of work to do tomorrow mom. Goodnight.” I said and started walking off.

” Albie, take things easy, please!” Mom called from behind.

I entered my car and zoomed off at top speed.


I unzipped my bag and started putting my things together. Early tommorow morning, I already plan to leave the house.

Guess I will have to lodge into a hotel after all.

The door opened and Mirabella came in. I smiled on seeing her. “You are already back.” I said softly.

Mirabella’s eyes were on the bed as I packed up. “What are you doing, Liam?” She asked.

I shrugged. “Well, I’m putting my things together cos I’m leaving first thing tomorrow morning. ” I replied with a smile.

” No you can’t leave…. Why are you leaving already? Your business trip isn’t over yet. ” Mirabella said in one breath.

” Yeah, I know. But it turns out I will have to leave before time. You saw what happened today. I bet Albie still wants me here ” I replied.

Mirabella held my hand and looked pleadingly at me.” Please.. stay… Don’t get yet!” She pleaded.

“Why? I’m nobody to you. I’m just a friend to your husband. I only came here to spend sometime and I must definitely go back. ” I replied.

” Yeah I know but it’s not yet time for you to leave. ” She pleaded.

An idea occurred to me. Mirabella sounded like she would do anything to make me stay. “okay.. but on one condition.” I said.

She frowned playfully. “Okay! Anything to keep my teacher!”

I laughed at that. “Go into that kitchen and make your husband dinner before he returns. ” I said and Mirabella gasped loudly. I laughed and nodded.

“You can’t do it? Then, I’m leaving!” I said.

“No no no! I can! I will! Right away!” She said hurriedly.

” Good! ” I exclaimed and laughed again as I watched her run out.


I breathed in again as I places the plate of chicken soup on the table.

I made sure it was well garnished and palatable. It took me thirty minutes to make it and I’m really glad about my early timing on cooking.

I places the cutleries in place and a bottle of wine with water.

After making sure everything was in place, I went into the bathroom and had my bath then changed into something sexy.

I applied make up on my face then walked out of the room.

I was surprised I’m doing all this and even feeling nervous.

It was hard to believe that I’m really doing this to impress someone. Albie of all say!

“Wow!” Liam gasped on seeing me. I smiled and blushed at the full admiration on his face. “I’m so jealous of Albie right now!” Liam wailed and I laughed.

Just then, the sound of his car rented the air outside. “He’s back! I will be up in my room.

I will leave you two alone. Don’t ruin the rest of the night! ” Liam whispered before taking off.

Smiling I walked back to the bedroom and waited for him to come in.


It took me all the strength and control in me not to visit Blair at home.

I would have branched there after visiting the bar but I knew she would be highly mad after what Mirabella did to her.

I got down from the car and pulled off my coat before walking into the main entrance.

I flung my coat down on a sofa and heaved myself down beside it.

I breathed in again, really exhausted.

Just then, someone appeared before me. I stared at her feet and slowly looked up to her face.

A low moan escaped my lips. Mirabella!!

She looked crazily sexy… Just as crazy as she is!

And she had a romantic smile on her face
Mirabella was standing in front of me and giving me the best smile I’ve received so far!

“Darling….. Come to the dinning and eat.” She said in a romantic voice that I’ve never heard from her.

I blinked. Am I dreaming? Me? Darling? Did Mirabella just call me darling?

She turned and walked sexily away with her bum huge and swaying.

My mouth hung opened as I stood up and followed slowly.

She must be joking when she said I should come to the dinning and eat! She didn’t cooked for me did she?

Maybe it’s another annoying cup of ice cream?

But when I got to the dinning i was shocked.
Mirabella opened the dishes on the table and the most appetising sight I’ve never seen appeared before me.
Like a robot… I sat down and looked up at Mirabella’s smiling face.

“Enjoy!” She sang.

No.. someone should give me a big pinch. I must be dreaming!!!

Awwn!! 😘

Somebody is finally becoming a wife!

Say something ohh! πŸ˜‚

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