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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 13

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘 😘



I laughed out loud and Liam joined me. We stopped laughing when Albie pointed at Liam.

“What the hell do you think you are doing? What’s going on in that head of yours? ” He asked.

Liam looked innocently at him.” I don’t know what you are talking about. But the fact is that there is no more divorce. I’m happy for you guys. ” Liam smiled.

” No no no! I haven’t said I agree to that? ” I protested.

Liam turned to look at me. ” Remember what we discussed? Don’t let me down.” He said, winked at me and left.

Albie stood, looking at me. I folded my arms and glared back at him.

“Don’t stare at me like that.” He gritted.

“You are equally staring. And tell me, why the hell are you cancelling the divorce? I thought that’s what you wanted. ”

” Look… Enough of this conversation. I’m off to work.

You think I don’t know your plan hun?

You want to run off with my best friend! ” Albie exploded and I laughed out loud again.

” So, what problem do you have with that? Just admit that you are jealous!” I sang.

Albie scoffed. ” Me? Jealous of a crazy brat like you? You know that’s ridiculous! ” He shouted and stormed out of the house.

I laughed and sat down. Liam came back into the living room. He had a huge smile on his face too.

“He loves you, Mira. He does.” Liam said as soon as he took a seat.

I looked doubtfully at him. ” Nah. That’s not true.

He loves his little whores instead ” I replied and looked away.

” I can feel it, Mira. Just look at what he did right now.

He cancelled the divorce! Why don’t you give you guys a chance of being the best couple? ” Liam asked softly.

I turned back to look at him.” Is that possible?”

“Yes it is!” Liam responded. We fell into silence for some minutes.

“Well, anyway…I’m gonna go out to attend a meeting at Bellevue hotel by two PM. Don’t get lonely and don’t do anything crazy.” Liam said and I laughed.

” Sure. I won’t.”



“It’s gonna be a fantastic party,Albie. I want you guys to come. It’s Mr Jack’s 53th birthday party!” I said and scooped more pepper jack cheese into the plate.

Alberto was sitting down on one of the kitchen chairs, looking gloomy. He dipped his coffee while I looked at him thoughtfully.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah mom…I’m okay ” he replied absent mindedly.

I shook my head. ” No you are not. Tell me what’s wrong,son.”

Alberto looked at me angrily. ” It’s Mirabella mom. Honestly, I don’t know what that witch is planning. She’s always everywhere with my friend! ” Albie exploded.

I blinked with surprise. I was damn surprised to see my son so jealous over someone.

He’s never been so jealous. I suddenly started laughing. It was funny!

“Mom! I’m serious here!” Albie groaned.

“You’ve finally fallen in love with her, Albie! I’m so happy for you guys!” I said and clasped my hands together happily.

Albie laughed shortly. “Fallen in love? With?”

“Mira honey of course! I knew this would happen! That means you are not gonna divorce her again? ”

” Of… Of course not. ” Albie stuttered and I laughed.

It’s great to see my son falling in love!



“Nice outfit, Shirley!” I waved at a friend as she walked by with her boyfriend.

The reception was full to the brim with different caliber of people.
There were a lot of food and drink, entertainers and servers.

My daddy’s 53th birthday was a grand one.

Okay now… Where the hell is Albie?

“Hey, Mira! I’ve been looking around for you. Care for a dance? ” Liam asked, coming to me. He held my hand and I smiled.

I looked around again but I couldn’t find Albie. Perhaps, he’s already with his stupid girlfriends?

Even at my daddy’s party? God help them that I should find them!


“Won’t you stop already!” He groaned as Blair’s hands massaged my d**k.

We were in the rest room having a hot make out. I wasn’t comfortable though but I couldn’t stop her either.

“Tell me you aren’t enjoying this.” Blair moaned into my ear.

I kissed her with hunger and cummed into her hands.

I watched her lick off my cream with her sexy eyes on me. She’s damn so good.

“What are you doing here?” I finally remembered the reason why I brought her to the rest room before she grabbed me.

“I was invited to this great party.” She replied.

“Who did? ”

” My sister. She works at Mr Jack’s shopping mall. ” Blair replied.

” Whatever. Look… I think Mirabella knows you already here. You have to leave as soon as possible.”I said and Blair laughed.

” You are such a joker. I’m going no where!” She snapped and moved closer to me again and we began kissing.


I went in search of Albie. I had the feeling he’s loitering around somewhere with Blair.

And I was right.

I got in front of the rest room and sighted them kissing like two crazy idiots.

The door was wide open so I saw them clearly.

I was surprised when I felt tears on my cheeks. Angrily, I wiped it with my hands.

Bastard. Bitch.

Angrily I walked off feeling so mad. Why do I feel so annoyed seeing him kissing that bitch?

I looked around as an idea occurred to me. I stood against the wall and called out to Liam who was taking to someone.

He rushed towards me. “Hey…. You are crying… Are you okay?”

I tried smiling. “Yes I’m fine. ” I replied and glanced back, waiting for Albie to come out of the restroom. I made sure Liam was standing directly in front of me.

“No you are not. Who annoyed you?” Liam asked with concern.

” Nobody…. Liam… I’m sorry for what I’m about to do, Okay? Just know it’s an empty ki…” Just then, I glanced back when I heard them approaching.

Turning back to look at Liam, I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him against him then fastened my lips on his shocked mouth. I encircled my hands on his neck and deepened the kiss.


I dropped dead at the sight before me. I felt like someone stabbed me with a hot knife.

My breath quickened and my legs wobbled.

I’ve never watched something so hurting all my twenty eight years on earth.

I roared angrily and dashed toward them. Pulling Liam away from Mirabella, I raised my tight fist in the air and brought it down on his face. “You son of a bitch!!”


Who is on the wrong side now?? πŸ˜‚

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