February 26, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 12

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘 😘



I was so exhausted as I fell into the garden, laughing as Liam fell beside me.

Together we sighed and laughed again. It was fun!

“You’re sweating already. You think you can run a second round?” Liam asked and I shot him a killer look.

” You wanna kill me! I’m going inside to freshen up!” I gasped and stood up.

Liam stood up too and shrugged. “You tried though. Twenty three minutes is something.”, He said smiling.

Together we walked back inside.


I kicked the bed and winced in pain as I watch them walk inside the house together.

What is Liam trying to do? Does he even realize Mirabella is my wife?
Maybe he’s got no idea… perhaps I should let him know in case he doesn’t.

I walked out of the bedroom, trying to keep the anger out of my face and voice.

I met them halfway into the hall.

“Um… honey….have you seen my wallet around?” I asked looking at Mirabella.

She laughed silently while looking at me. “Excuse you….what did you just call me?” She asked with surprise.

Damn devil!

Liam stepped behind and smiled. Why did the bastard smile?

“Well,Mr honey…I did not see your wallet. You might wanna go look for it at Blair’s place or at Teresa’s.

Let’s go freshen up and have breakfast,Liam.” Mirabella said and walked off.

My mouth widened as I stared at them walking away.

I groaned and almost kicked the iron door but refrained.

I sank into a sofa and buried my head in my palms. Why the heck am I being so bothered seeing her relate with my friend like that?

Liam must go as soon as possible. I’m starting to get uncomfortable!

🍑 LIAM 🍑

As soon as Albie left for work,I called Mirabella into the living room. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing much. I’m putting my clothes together. I just got them out from the washing machine.” She responded.

I patted the seat beside me, smiling at her. “Sit.”

Mirabella sat down and looked at me questioningly.

“We are gonna talk about Albie.” I started.

Mirabella rolled her eyes. “Here we go. Just leave that fucking guy alone. He’s a dick head.” Mirabella said and I laughed.

” Come on… he’s your husband.” I stated.

Mirabella laughed. “Not for long,Liam. He’s gonna get me divorced after the payment.” She said.

“What payment? Oh…I get it. But why would he do that?”

” Albie is someone who can’t get committed.

The first day I saw him…I tried showing him the better side of me but he kept pushing me away and believe me when I tell you I don’t give a fuck anymore.

I don’t even like him.” Mirabella said.

” No you can’t say that. Listen up…you guys are perfect together. Believe me. All you have to do is try being that perfect wife.” I said softly.

Mirabella looked at me. ” Perfect wife? Excuse me Mr…. nobody’s perfect.” She argued.

I nodded. ” Yeah but some people are close to perfection. Be one of them …you can do it, Mirabella.” I said and touched her hand.

She looked down at my hand and stared back at me.


I shook my head and stood up. “What if he takes me for granted? I hate that!” I said and turned back to look at Liam.

I wished Albie was just like him. Understanding and tolerant.

“He isn’t gonna do that. Most men don’t know how to dress their wives the way they want and Albie is one of those guys.

When you show him the better side of you I can assure you he’s gonna stop cheating.” Liam said.

” Oh come on! He loves Blair more and more!

They’ve been together for long now before his mother forced him to marry me just because of my daddy’s offer.

You see? I’m just a victim!” I said as my eyes watered.

Liam stood up to and came closer to me. He pulled me close and hugged me.

“And what’s going on here!”

We turned to see Albie standing in the door way.

What there hell! I thought he went to work already. Has Albie been spying on us?😂

“Albie? You are still here.” Liam started but he held up his hand to stop him angrily.

“I don’t wanna hear anything from you,you bastard!” Albie exploded.

I gasped and almost laughed. Why is he so angry? Hold on a minute….is Albie jealous because he saw Liam hugging me?

“Calm down Alberto! It isn’t what you think.” Liam said and laughed.

Albie’s face was filled with anger. “You still got the nerve to laugh after hugging my wife?”

I finally laughed. ” I’m not your wife, Albie! Remember? The divorce!” I sang.

Albie batted his eyes and cleared his throat. ” Well….humm! I just changed my mind. There will be no such thing!”


I’m short of words!😂

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