February 27, 2021


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She’s crazy but she’s mine Episode 10

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Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘 😘


🍑 LIAM 🍑

“Nice meeting you!” I said and smiled.

“I’m Liam and you?” I asked, beaming.

“Mirabella.” She replied stiffly.

” I’m Albie’s close friend and I’m here on a business trip.” I added.

But Mirabella glared at Albie who was trying to get up but slipped back again. I laughed and pulled him away from the oily floor.

“I don’t remember having this conversation with you, Alberto! You never mentioned a stranger coming to live with us here! ” She barked.

Now I understand why Albie refered to his wife as accident.

But men.. do I love this type of women!

“You may not speak to me!” Albie barked back before walking off.

I was left with Mirabella who glared at me. “Excuse me but how long are you gonna be staying?” She asked while eying me.

” Why do I have this feeling that I’m not welcomed here? ” I asked with a smile.

” Oh sorry!! My bad! Come on I will show you to your room! ” Mirabella said in a rush and walked away.

I shrugged and followed her, looking all over at the place.



I laughed so hard and felt tears pricking my eye. Liam and I were having a discussion in the living room over drinks.

“So, honestly…. I couldn’t even remember taking up my shoes. I just ran off like that. Come on, girl…. I can’t lose my head over thirty bucks. ” Liam said again and I laughed out loud.

It’s eight PM and Albie was yet to be back from work .

Anyway, who cares? I’ve got a good hearted person here now with me.

“So, what are you gonna eat?” I asked.

Liam shrugged. “Pasta and meatballs.” He replied.

“Sure! That’s gonna be done right away.” I replied and stood up. He stood up too.

“Will help you out in the kitchen.”

“Really? Come on. ” I said and we laughed all the way to the kitchen.


I pressed harder into her as she encircled her legs around me.

Blair is so damn good and I can’t get enough of her.

I began thrusting faster and faster as her screams drove me on.

Finally when we were done, we lay down sprawled on the bed. “Tonight was perfect.” Blair said, playing with the hair on my chest.

I looked at the wall clock. It was half past nine. My mind wandered to Mirabella and Liam.

I figured out it was the first time I’m gonna be thinking about her away from home.

Why? Because there is a man in the house now?

I tried getting her off my mind but couldn’t. What if she tries anything stupid with my friend?

What if….?

No way!

Hurriedly, I jumped off the bed, putting on my pants.

“Sweet….. Where the hell are you going? I thought you are spending the night? ” Blair exclaimed.

” Thought so too but no. Something came up. I need to be home now. I’m married. ” I said hurriedly while she scoffed.

” Tell me what I don’t know! You are really going home to meet they crazy thing? Why don’t you just divorce her already! ” Blair raved.

” That’s enough. I’m leaving now… I will see you tommorow. ” I said and dashed out of the room.


I opened the door with haste when I got home. I turned on the light and looked around.

There was no one in sight.

I was gonna walk into the hallway leading to the bed room when I noticed something on the dinning.


Who the hell cooked?

Accident cooked?

My eyes wandered when I opened the dish as my nostrils were greeted with a great smell.

Oh my God..is this for me?

I was gonna sit down but someone came out.

“Hey man! You are back.” It was Liam.

He sat down instead while I moved looking down at him as he prepared to eat.

Frowning I asked,” That’s for you?” I asked.

“Yeah…why?” Liam asked.

” Oh nothing….is there some left for me?” I asked.

“Oh no. She made mine alone. Mirabella said you always eat out because of your late timing.

That girl is great,Albie. You married an angel who can cook so amazingly! Hmm!!” Liam hummed as he began eating.

I gasped as I stood there, looking at Liam.

Mirabella?? Cooking for my friend?

Who the hell is now the husband!!


Someone is about to be jealous..😂

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