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Hot Neighbors Episode 5

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{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Writer: Authoress Sylvia πŸ–ŒοΈ

πŸ’˜ Episode FiveπŸ’˜

πŸ’§Carly πŸ’§

I moaned loudly and staggered against him.

I won’t deny his hands were fire …he touched me the way I would never imagine.

Although virgin, I already had my share of hot romances but this was something else!

I sighed when he bent and took my hard nipples into his mouth.

He pushed me down the bed and got on top of me, messing up my hair and clothing.

He claimed my lips and massaged my breasts.

I was on fire. He was doing magic to my body and I was so damn wet underneath.

“Look…yeah! You are going crazy under my touch …..” He said looking into my eyes.

I was barely listening to him…his hands were literally all over my body.

When I felt my body seized up in a maddening sensation…he suddenly withdrew his hand.

Entirely! He got up and smirked at me.

“What?” I gasped, wondering why he stopped.

“What? Remember what you said?, You told me you will never beg me for it..and look at you.
Hot and ready to burst!” He said and laughed.

The effect his withdrawal caused was so frustrating.

Heck…I was already so wet and horny!

I almost begged him! I almost drew him close to me …. almost but I controlled myself a great deal and pulled my clothes together.

“If you think I’m gonna beg…you are mistaken!” I snapped at him with my breath fast from the crazy romance.

“Oh? Really?” He said and laughed then left the room.

So frustrated,I lay on the bed and touched my wet p**sy.

Hmm. Ouch….I could still feel his touch…. and still wanted him to touch me to the climaxing state!

I sighed again and drew a pillow angrily over my head.

I’m never gonna beg him….that arrogant imp!!

πŸ’§ Simon πŸ’§

I’ve never seen someone so stubborn and beautiful!

I almost gave in! I was losing my control when I suddenly decided to stop hoping she would beg me!

How could she have escaped my magical touch!

I jammed my door close when I got back into my room and pulled off my shirt.

I sat heavily on my bed and ruffled my hair.

Hell… that girl has got a killer body!!

* Five days later😍😍

“Make sure you are there, Simon. He’s still your brother.” Mom said again as she sat on the couch smiling at me.

It was Friday evening and she had come to invite us to my step brother’s wedding reception.

“I will mom. Leo and I aren’t best of friends but we are certainly not enemies.” I told her.

” And where is my lovely Carly?” Mom asked looking around with an happy smile.

Ugh! That girl had started giving me hell with her body and her stubbiness and I was beginning to lose it.

“Probably in her room “, I replied casually.

Mom looked at me. ” Are you guys having a fight?”

“Oh?, Oh no mom! No fights!”I quickly said.

Giving her an impression that something is wrong would be a fatal mistake.

Carly came down the stairs and smirked secretly at me before greeting mom.

It was also surprising that the two women likes each other.

“Make me one of your delicious food dear.” Mom said and I smiled secretly.

Mom’s visits are always a blessing because that was the only time I get to eat Carly’s magical dishes!πŸ˜‹

Unfortunately…she made food for mom only.

I was already seated at the dinning with mom, laughing and talking when she returned with only a plate of food.

I swallowed hard looking at her.

Mom glared at me then at Carly. “Yoj didn’t make anything for your husband.” Mom asked and Carly smiled.

” Oh…. He already had something not long ago and he told me he isn’t hungry. ” She replied and I was about protesting but mom already believed her.

“Really? Okay…. I will eat this then. Hmm!, So tasty!”

I was so furious and quickly got up cos watching mom eating and licking her lips only made me more angrier.

I rushed upstairs to her room and met her sitting on the bed and repacking her hair.

“You know you just told a lie!”, I said stiffly.

” Really? It was necessary cos you don’t expect me to cook for you , do you ?” She asked.

“Mom’s around! Act real! ” I snapped at her.

” Really?, So I can act real when your mom is around and act fake when one of your bitch is around? “She said into my face.

Aish…. I pointed at her and wanted to say something.

I gave up and stormed out of the room.

I was about going back downstairs when the aroma from the kitchen drew my attention.

I groaned as my stomach grumbled, accepting the invitation.

The kitchen was slightly open and I knew I couldn’t resist the temptation or going in.

I slipped into the kitchen and glanced back to make sure Carly isn’t watching me.

Cos if she’s watching me, I might just kill myself.

I opened the pot quietly and punched the air happily seeing the portion of food in the pot.

I did not bother to serve myself.

I just ate straight from the pot with the large spoon πŸ˜‚

Hmm!!, Oh come on… Simon.. this is not you! What are you doing?

I tried cautioning myself but it simply did not work not when Carly’s magical food is inside my mouth.

I heard movements behind me and froze.

Shit! Caught in the act!

“What are you doing??”

The spoon dropped off my hand.

That was Carly’s voice!! πŸ˜“


I think Carly is winning this game! πŸ˜‚

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