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Hot Neighbors Episode 23

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{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

πŸ₯€ Episode Twenty ThreeπŸ₯€


🧑 Simon 🧑

I paced crazily about in the waiting room trying not to yell out.

I heard her scream and before I could get to the door, the intruder had disappeared.

Who was it?

“Carly… Please wake up and tell me who did this to you.” I mumbled restlessly waiting for the doctor’s results.

He came out minutes later to meet me.

“She has to undergo a surgery and stitching. The cut is deep but she will pull through. She’s strong. ” The doctor said.

“Can I see her now? ” I asked impatiently.

The doctor shook his head. “Not now. She’s still unconscious.” He replied and left.

I dropped down on a chair and buried my head in my palms.

I shook with anger and fright all together.

What am I gonna do if Carly doesn’t make it out of that coma?

Who was it that stabbed Carly?

🧑 Ria 🧑

I threw the bloody Knife into the booth of my car before walking into the police station.

Hopefully now… That wrench and betrayal would be dead!

If she was home alone, I would have stabbed her more than once.

“What do you want?”

“Harry Coleman.” I replied the rude Police man at the counter.

” Sign here and go in.” I did as I was told and went in to see Harry.

I saw him sitting on the cold floor and almost cried. “Harry…” I grabbed the gate as he stood up and faced me.

“I will be out in no time, Ria. Just trust and wait for me. ” He said and I shook my head.

” What am I gonna do if you remain here? I wanted us to be together but that witch destroyed everything. ” I wept and held his hands from across.

” Find me a lawyer. They had no evidence against me! Why are they keeping me here?” Harry yelled and I shook my head.

” They had a prove. I’ve taken her out of the way “I replied evilly.

Harry looked at me with a frown. He looked around and moved closer to me. “What do you mean?”

“We can’t talk about here. I will try hard to see you out of here in no time….I promise.” I said before rushing off.

🧑 Simon 🧑

Since Carly was still unconscious,I decided to visit my parents house for awhile.

Perhaps,I might meet Leo since he’s my only suspect.

As expected,he was home. Mom and dad had gone out as usual.

He was coming into the living. I stopped midway, glaring at him.

He glared back. “what? Don’t tell me you are here to arrest me again. I know thay look on your face.” He said and I rushed towards him with my fists and eyes red.

” You punk!!” I yelled and punched him hard in the face. “Why did you do it!! Why!! Carly’s innocent! Why are you punishing me through her!” I yelled again, risking another blow.

” Hey… Hold on! What the hell are you talking about? Let go of me!! “Leo said, pushing me off.

” How could you! If she dies… I’m gonna take the law into my hands and revenge! ” I yelled into his face before storming off.

I’m gonna get the police at once. He might try running away after hearing my threats….

I got back to the hospital late in the night and walked into the emergency room.

There… Carly lay on the bed,still unconscious with an oxygen fixed on her nose.

I moved closer and sat beside her, holding her hands.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at her beautiful face.

“Carly..are you hearing me? The first time I saw you….I knew something was gonna be up.

Right from the day I signed that contract with you…I knew something was bound to change.

And come to think of it, tommorow is supposed to be the end of the contract. I’m still wondering what I’m still doing with you… holding your hands.” I said and laughed.

” Get well soon Carly. Don’t leave me cos I can’t live without you too.” I said softly and pressed her soft hands against my lips.

🧑 Leo 🧑

What the hell is he talking about? I groaned as I rubbed my hurting jaw.

That guy with hurtful punches…

I got up and watched him from the window as he sped out of the compound.

Is something wrong with Carly again?

It isn’t me this time around, why is he threatening me?

I missed my flight to India that morning else I would have left.

Who’s trying to hurt Carly again?

I gasped suddenly remembering Ria.

If there’s any other person that wants to hurt Carly, that would be Ria.

What the hell as she done this time?

Suddenly I heard another car driving up the driveway.

I looked out and saw her coming out of the car looking so nervous.

I hide behind the window and watched her. She opened the car truck and pulled out something.

I tried seeing but couldn’t. Almost immediately she shook terribly and dropped it back into the car truck.

MShe jammed it close before running up towards the main entrance.

The door opened up with speed and she flinched on seeing me.

We stood glaring at each other. “What are you up to?” I asked and when I tried to grab her hand, she moved back.

” Wanna come pick up my things. I’m leaving! ” She said and rushed up stairs.

I had a feeling she has done something terrible.

I looked back outside. What was she looking at minutes ago?

I stepped outside and walked over to the car.

I grabbed the car truck and pulled it opened then looked in.

I almost dropped back the truck edge when my eyes caught something horrible in the car truck.

A knife…. Stained with blood!!

“Oh no…” I gasped softly.

Did Ria stabbed Carly?

I took out my handkerchief and picked up the knife.

I gasped again. It was really blood.

“Ria …how could you!!” I asked speechless.

Never knew she could do that to someone.

The from door opened and she stepped out with her bags.

When she saw me with the knife ,the bags fell off her hand and she turned away.

“I had to do it!, I can’t be the only one suffering!” She said and I shook my head.

“Too bad you did this. You could have just left without committing a crime,Ria.

You want this to be on me after you run away? Are you serious?”

” It Shou be on you cos you started all of these in the first place!” She yelled at me and I shrugged.

” I’m sorry Ria but you are going nowhere! You will punished for this!”

Before she could make any move,I seized her arms and twisted them, making her scream out loud.

* The next day, after the surgery 🧑🧑

🧑 Simon 🧑

We waited impatiently for the doctor’s announcement.

My mom was there with me,with Tiara.
They all looked worried.

Of course,I wasn’t an exception.

It’s been over seven hours Carly’s surgery but we hadn’t heard anything.

And I was beginning to get scared,very scared.

“It’s okay,Simon. Take a seat. She’s gonna be fine.”* Mom inhale deeply but I barely heard what she said.

My mind was on Carly… praying and hoping she would survive it.

Suddenly the door opened and the doctor came out looking gloomy.

We all rushed to meet him. I grabbed his hand in haste, looking into his face.

“Please…. don’t look at us that way. Just tell us she’s fine!!” I yelled madly.

The doctor shook his head and suddenly smiled. ” Congratulations,the surgery went well. She will be up in an hour so get ready to see her.”

I sighed with relieve and collapsed into a chair with excitement.

Just then my cellphone rang and I hastily picked it up.

“It’s Leo on the line. I’ve got someone you will love to lock up again. Hurry up or I might just change my mind.” The phone clicked off and I stood up immediately.

Is this a prank? Or is it really the person who stabbed Carly?

Who was it? I’m so gonna deal with the mother fucker.



Welcome back Carly….

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