February 26, 2021


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Hot Neighbors Episode 2

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{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Writer: Authoress Sylvia πŸ–ŒοΈ

🌹Episode Two 🌹

πŸ’§ Carly πŸ’§

It had always remained a secret with me ever since I started working with Simon Edgar three months ago.

I’m secretly in love with my boss and now suddenly I’m becoming his wife?

I thought I was dreaming until I heard the famous woman’s voice calling me darling.

Me? Dal what? The famous chairwoman Mrs Sandy Edgar?

I was still in a dazed and didn’t even noticed that she took my hand and drew me into the house.

*Three hours laterπŸ’—πŸ’—

“I don’t understand what you are saying! What contract?” I asked again after hearing the I’ll story Simon was telling me.

How could he ask me to act like this wife for six months?


“Listen carefully Carly. This is your one and only life time opportunity. If you miss it then you are a cow. I’m gonna sign a six months contract deal with you just to act as my wife. We aren’t gonna be officially married so you have no role to play in my life. You just have to pretend for the world.” He said and I sighed again.

What’s this guy saying?, Isn’t he gonna find out of I’m interested or not?

What an arrogant personality!

“Excuse me…. aren’t you gonna ask if I’m interested or not!” I asked.

{Asif I don’t want it. Actually I’m thrilled cos I’m deeply in love with this guy but sometimes you just don’t act too cheap. You got to show some skills at first 😜}

“…..I don’t need to ask you they cos you’ve got no other choice.

If you refuse to do it then you can no longer work as my secretary but if you choose to sign this contract,you will stop working and I will pay your times twenty of what you receive as salary being my secretary.” He said arrogantly.

” Really?” I scoffed and he nodded.

Six months contract with this arrogant guy?

Can I coup? I asked myself.

Of course I can especially when I’m in love with him.

To me,I see myself really getting married to him, I see myself becoming his real wife.☺️☺️

*** Two weeks later***
{After the null and void marriage}

It’s been two weeks as fake Mrs Edgar but actually it is thrilling and exciting!

Taking pictures with Simon and seeing our videos in TV!,

I just got to fall more deeply in love with him but unfortunately once we get home behind the walls,

he treats me like an outcast and as if I don’t exist but in front of the press,his parents and people he kisses me and treats me like a woman.

I always looked forward to those times.

I woke up that morning and decided to make one of my best dishes.
I’m a great cook and I derive pleasure from it.

Perhaps if Simon tastes my food he’s gonna fall in love with me too.

I started cooking as early as I could so he wouldn’t go to work before I finished.

Luckily I finished making breakfast and took it up to his room.

I knocked on the door and waited. I knocked again and just then someone opened the door and to my surprise I saw a girl standing half naked and looking at me.

I was shocked.

Simon brought in a girl last night?

I was immediately angry. “And who are you?” I asked her.

” What a question. Are you the maid?, You shouldn’t be asking me that.” She said back and I gasped.

The tray of food on my hand almost slipped off.

“Oh you brought dinner. Simon honey!, Dinner!” She called over her shoulder.

” Who?” I heard Simon asking from the room.

I’ve never felt so insulted before!

I walked past the girl and found myself inside the room, glaring at Simon sprawled on the bed.

“This is an insult..you could have…”

“What?” He cut me short. “Excuse you….I hope you still know what this is all about? Remember you are here to pretend. Don’t start blowing everything out of proportion.”

Simon said arrogantly and looked down at my hand. ” And what’s that?” He asked.

“Never mind. “, I replied stiffly.

“Oh I do mind! I’m starving!” The crazy girl said and snatched the tray from me. She opened the dishes and the aroma filled the air.

“Woah….thanks! I will enjoy. Come on Simon…let’s eat!” She said and digged a spoon into the food.

I rushed out of the room feeling so humiliated and foolish.

What the hell! Is this why he made me his fake wife?

Is this what I’m gonna pass through for a whole six months?

No I can’t,I might just die of heartbreak.

I rushed back into the kitchen and looked forward to when we are gonna go out again.

Outside… where I’m Simon Edgar’s wife. Outside… where he treats me like a queen. 😚😚


Simon is something else!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

One advise for Carly…😁😁

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