March 3, 2021


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Hot Neighbors Episode 11

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{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

🥀 Episode Eleven 🥀

🌹 Simon 🌹

I was taken aback by what I just heard from her.

What does she mean by poison?

She made to go but I held her hand. “Talk to me! What are you talking about?”

She snatched her hand away. ” You are busy busy with your sluts the last time I checked. ” With that she left.

I watched her as she walked off.

I stared dumbly into space.

🌹 Carly 🌹

I rushed into my room and locked up the door, heaving.

But why couldn’t I just open up to him and tell him what I saw?

Each time I wanted to say it out, something keeps cutting me short.

I pulled off my dress and changed into my nighties.

My phone rang and I looked at the screen to see Tiara’s number.

Just the time I needed her…

I picked up immediately. “Hello, Tiara.”

“Girlfriend… You sound sober.” Tiara said from the other line.

” Can we meet tomorrow? I gat to tell you something.” I said into the phone.

” Sure. Come over to the house. I’m always here for you.” Tiara replied and I smiled.

I lay in my bed minutes later after the call thinking about Simon.

Mere thinking of him with those fools in his room almost made me cry.

Should I just go on and submit myself to him? Just a please isn’t gonna change anything.

Oh no… Carly. You weren’t brought up that way!

I scolded myself and sat up in bed, unable to sleep.

I walked out of my room and moved over to Simon’s door dreading to hear all the moans but the room was all silent inside.

I sighed and turned to go only to come face to face with Simon.

“You scared me!” I snapped feeling out of control and embarrassed to have been caught spying on him.

“You scared me instead. What are you doing in front of my door? ” He asked.

“Your door?, No way. I was passing… ”

” Your face can’t tell a lie Carly. I saw you.” Simon said again and I sighed.

” Okay!, Fine! I was jealous you might be screwing those sluts you brought in tonight…. Do you know how that feels? ” I poured out my heart unconsciously.

Simon smiled and shook his head. ” You wouldn’t comply. And I need to fuck.” He said sounding so dirty.

Irritated, I glared up at him. “Then you went ahead and fucked them? Hun..?, Really..? ” I was so mad I couldn’t continue talking.

I started walking away. ” I sent them away.” Simon said and I stopped.

” Hun? ” I turned back to look at him.

“I sent them away. “He said and started moving towards me.

I swallowed hard and looked away. No .. please don’t touch me.

I said inside my heart but his hands were already on my waist, making me feel so dizzy.

I fell against him and to my surprise, he carried me off the ground and into his arms before kicking his door open.

Oh no….

The look in Simon’s eyes was hot and intense!

I couldn’t stop looking at him, the arrogant man I love.

He placed me gently on his big bed,still staring deep into my eyes.

“Never realized it until now…”His voice trailed off as he bent and kissed me softly on the lips.

” Realised what?” I asked in whisper.

But Simon wasn’t listening. He was all over me.

He slipped the buttons on my nights open and slid the handles down my shoulders.

He sunk in his breath as my breasts came out naked. “How could I have been able to avoid this juicy flesh,Carly?”

He whispered softly against my neck giving me the tingling sensation all over my body and I shook badly.

When his hands moved over my breasts, squeezing them softly,I moaned out and let my head fall back in ecstasy.

I was on fire. We were both hot and none of us could quench the fire.

Is this my night?

I knew I couldn’t do it yet… Not with him… Not when our marriage is null and void.

He pulled my hands over my head and kissed my my neck down all the way to my flat tummy.

I cringed when his hand moved down between my legs and touched my feminine wetness.

I gasped when one of his fingers slid into me..then two..and three.

It was both pain and pleasure.

His hands travelled back up to my breasts as his other hand pulled off my nighties off my body making me stack naked under him.

I could see through his brief how hard he was and my heart beat started pounding.

Am I really ready for this?

His hands were all over me and it was becoming too hard not to start crying out.

I was simply on fire.

With one free hand he tore off his brief and covered me with his broad body.

I couldn’t stay put under him as his hand continued massaging my left breast.

“Simon…what are you doing to me…” I moaned out with my eyes closed.

When I felt his d**k pressing hard against my p**sy my eyes flew open.

He parted my legs and guide his d**k into place and all of a sudden, sanity returned to my skull.

I pushed him off me and wrapped the bed spread around my naked body.

Simon was shocked as he looked at me. “Sweetheart… what’s wrong? I thought you wanted this…”

I shook my head. ” This is all a game Simon. In less than five months we will be done with each other and we are gonna part ways. I can’t sacrifice this for something so cheap…” I said and shook my head.

I saw confusion crawl into his eyes. “What do you mean by that? Come on…it’s just an innocent love making. What’s wrong with you?” He asked and I looked into his eyes.

” I’m still a virgin, Simon.” I announced and he gasped moving backwards from me.

The look in his eyes was more than being dumbfounded.

“What…did…you just say?” He stammered looking at me as though he was seeing me for the first time.

I nodded again and sighed. “Yes Simon. And I’m keeping this gift for my real husband.”


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