March 3, 2021


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Hot Neighbors Episode 1

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{Six Months Contract with Mr Arrogant}

Writer: Authoress Sylvia 🖌️

Episode One

🌹 Simon 🌹

“You need a wife as soon as possible!” Mom yelled after me.

I swung around to look at her.” Mom…. It’s too early to start that! I’m twenty eight! I’m not ready to get married. ” I said exhausted.

It was barely eight am and mom was already in my house bothering me about wife stuff!

“No Simon… You must do as I say! I don’t want your step brother or any other person claiming your father’s largest company! Why can’t you just get a girl and marry her! ” Mom yelled.

” Because I hate most of the girls mom. All they want is money and fuck! ” I said angrily.

” Jesus! Not all of them! Who wouldn’t wanna be your wife Simon? Hun?” Mom questioned and I sighed.

Why can’t I just get the goddamn company being single?

“Is this really necessary?” I asked sitting down.

” It is. That’s the policy. A responsible married man they call it. You’ve got no choice,son. Get married in two weeks.”

” What?” I gasped.

Mom said nothing more. She turned and left.

Getting married in two weeks to a total stranger? Who does that!!


“Fuck! Fuck!!” She groaned loudly as I continued to pounce on her.

I unleashed my anger on her and fucked her arse out.

The marriage issue still burned in my mind as I continued digging into the bitch.

“Oh are bad. Fuck meeeeee!!” She screamed and shock all over as he organism came.

Mine followed and I groaned loudly, rolling off her.

This is the life I wanted to live. Fucking bitches and spraying them money.

Not becoming some stupid committed husband!

The girl in my bed roamed her hands all over my back smiling stupidly.

“It’s been so long since I’ve last tasted sex so sweet! Can we do it again?” She asked and I slapped her hands away.

” Go get yourself dildo and get the hell out of my bed!” I yelled at her.

She flinched and looked at me. ” You are such a terrible animal!” She yelled before walking into the bathroom nakedly.

I scoffed and pulled out some dollar bills.

I dumped them beside her bag before laying back on the bed.

She walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and picked up the money and her stuff. “I’m always available though. Bye.” Then she was gone.

I flung a pillow at the door frustrated. In less than two weeks….I should e getting married.

It was driving me crazy cos it sounds so insane.

Suddenly an idea came into my mind.

I stood up from bed and paced about.

What if… what of I get someone to act like my wife?

What if I pay one of these girls to act like my wife?, At least…six months will do.

“Yes!!” I shouted happily and punched the air.

What a fantastic idea! I knew I’m a genius and would definitely find a problem to make solution!

But the question right now is… Who am I gonna put this offer to?

* The next day ❤️❤️

It was Sunday and I decided to spend it at home rather than going to the club where all the cheap slut would gather around me.

I made a call and ordered for breakfast and dessert.

Also I made a call to one of my bitch just to keep me company.

I heard a knock on my door and I wondered who it could be.

I walked towards the door wearing my briefs only and opened it to see Carly,my secretary holding a file.

I froze. She looked eatable!

Bad enough that I hate office romance like hell. I swallowed hard, looking at her curvy hips.

“Miss Evans? What are you doing in my house?” I asked her with a frown.

Everyone knows me already. I’m not nice and I don’t fucking care about anyone’s feeling.

She cleared her throat. “I’m here with a very important document that needs signing boss. You weren’t at the office on Friday and I decided to bring it here.”, She replied smiling.

Why the hell is she smiling? Do I look funny?

Shit…I’m in my briefs only.

I stepped aside and invited her in. “Drop the files on the table and leave ” I replied trying so hard not to glance at her hips again.

She looked so different in my house…why?

She dropped the document on the table and turned to look at me. “I will have to wait to get them signed.” She replied softly and I lost it.

” What the hell is your mission Carly? Why are you dressed this way while coming to my house hun?” I asked her gaining the chance to look at her hips again.

“Excuse me sir?” She croaked and I ran my hand over my wet hair.

I’m about to break my rule cos I’m hard already.

This girl isn’t gonna leave till I’m real deep inside her.

I started walking towards her when my door was knocked again.

Angry at the intrusion,I walked to the door and opened it to see Mom standing at the doorway.

Shit! This woman is such a kill joy!

“Mom? Again?” I asked.

“Yes again and this time…. I’ve gotten what I wanted.”, Mom replied and I looked sharply at her.

” Mom… what are you talking about?”, I asked.

” I’ve gotten you a wife.” Mom announced and I blinked severally at her.

Oh no? Oh no! This is not happening! I need something fast… I need a fast lie…a fast solution.
Just then I remembered that Carly was still inside the house.

Acting so good, I smiled at mom and brought Carly forward.

“I’ve already gotten someone I wanna marry mom. This is my wife to be,Carly Evans!” I announced.

” Hun??” Carly whispered quietly looking so shocked.

Yes she should be shocked. It’s natural especially when she suddenly becomes someone’s wife!😂

Nothing else matters right now but the happy smile on mom’s face as she hugged Clara tightly.

Good grief..she totally believed it!

Me getting married now? Not even in six years to come. I still gat a lot of cheap sluts to enjoy.

I’m not getting married anytime soon. Not now and not even in seven years coming. 🚶🚶🚶

How is the first episode guys??

Please like ohh else I won’t post the second part😭


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